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No shortage of antibiotics in Cyprus – “Pharmaceutical companies have stock”

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Καμiα ελλειψη ;ντιβιοτικoν στη Κyπρο-«Οι φαρμ ακοβιομηχανες διαθΕτουν απoθε μα»

In Cyprus we do not currently have a problem of shortages, especially of antibiotics and b-lactam antibiotics, as is the case in Europe and worldwide, the Director of Pharmaceutical Services, Elena Panagiotopoulou, told KYPE.

The European Medicines Agency , from the end of last week informed that in 25 of the 27 EU member states the shortages are already great and there are huge problems in dealing with patients. The situation is similar in the United States of America, China and Canada. 

“We had the assurance from the Cypriot pharmaceutical companies that they have stock in order to satisfy the domestic market. They assured us that there is no issue of drug shortages at least at this stage,” said Ms. Panagiotopoulou.

Therefore, she continued, the Cypriot pharmaceutical industry will stand up to its standards and help us in this matter.< /p>

He explained that the issue of shortages now in Europe and worldwide is in antibiotics and β-lactam antibiotics.

This picture is presented, he said, because of the outbreak of streptococcus, which contributes in the consumption that exists recently.

Other reasons for the lack of medicines, he noted, are the energy crisis that exists all over the world, the war in Ukraine and the inability to find raw materials from third countries such as China and India.

“In Cyprus we have contacted the Cypriot pharmaceutical industry and they assured us that it can meet the consumption of the domestic industry”, he concluded.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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