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No ultimatum from the UN

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No ultimatum from the UN

The international organization does not intend to set ultimatums for the Geneva meeting on April 27-29, nor will it abandon the effort if there is no result. This message is sent by the United Nations from New York. And an ominous future is already being prescribed in the process as the Turkish side is already rushing to talk about the negative result.

A spokesman for the secretary-general, Stefan Duzarik, was asked by al-Jazeera if the United Nations would leave in the event of a new attempt. The possibility of the United Nations abandoning its efforts has always been a question that kept coming up. And to some extent, an attempt was made to put pressure on “last chance” reports or a possible abandonment of the process by the United Nations.

The representative of the UN Secretary General clarified that no ultimatums are coming in and the effort on the part of the international organization will not be abandoned, if there is no result in the informal preparatory meeting in Geneva: “It is not our job to set ultimatums. That if you do not, we will give up, unless something happens. If you look at the flow of our efforts for Cyprus, there have been positives, there have also been failures. ” “Stefan Duzarik noted that Jane Hall Luth is in consultation with the parties.” He emphasized that the United Nations was a “moment of opportunity” and that it was “an informal meeting and we hope that this will be a positive outcome”.

The Turkish side appears daily to send the message that it is going to Geneva to block any attempt for a federal solution, in order to achieve a change in the course of the talks. For Ankara, which determines the landscape of the moves, there is a very clear plan: to lead the debate to a dead end in order to justify its position that as long as they continue to discuss a solution to the ICC, there will be no way out and no solution.

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergun Olgun said that confirmation of the “sovereign equality” and “equal international status” of the two sides in Cyprus in the informal 5 + 1 meeting would make it possible to find common ground for common ground. for the Cyprus issue. In a written statement, Mr Olgun said Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar had shared with all stakeholders, including the UN, the new vision, which Turkey fully supports.


Jane Hall Lut Tatar: March 7-9 in Cyprus : Welcomes UN Secretary-General's Announcement of Pentamerians Hold the Bar for Pentamers Low

He added that “it is obvious that the Cyprus problem, which has been going on for more than half a century, can only be ended with a just, realistic and sustainable reconciliation, by accepting the existing realities on the basis of sovereign equality and equal international status of the two states]. .

Mr Olgun said the Turkish Cypriot side was continuing to prepare for the informal meeting, following work last week with lawyers and academics involved in the negotiation process, adding that three more meetings would be held on March 3 and 9 with 15 experts and academics who previously took part in the negotiation process and worked on the Cyprus issue.

He said that in addition to the preparations for the informal meeting, UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy Jane Hall Luth would meet with Tatar on March 8 and that the UN official would also meet with Olgun himself. on March 9th.


Ersin Tatar once again made sure to show that he could not say anything before hearing Ankara's position. Thus, on the issue of the announcement of the United Nations for the informal five-party meeting, he made a statement after first listening to Mevlüt Çavuşoλουlu and after a statement by Thaksin Ertuglouroglu.

Ersin Tatar's first concern was to say that the announcement of the date “also had the approval of the Turkish Cypriot side”.

“A new basis for negotiations is needed for reconciliation in Cyprus,” he said, adding that “the negotiation process that has taken place on a basis that has failed for more than half a century is now a thing of the past and a fair and lasting compromise is possible.” a realistic basis “.

He said that in the informal meeting, they will share honestly and constructively the details of “their new vision”, which has the full support of Turkey and is based on the sovereign equality of the two states and cooperation between the two sides.

“We will continue to work tirelessly to make the island of Cyprus and our region an island of stability and prosperity,” he added.

On March 7-9, Jane Hall Luth

On March 7-9, the UN Secretary General's Special Envoy for the Cyprus issue, Jane Hall Luth, will visit Cyprus, as informed by KYPE. Ms. Lut's visit is part of the preparations for the informal 5 + 1 press conference on the Cyprus issue, in Geneva, on April 27-29.

During her visit, Ms. Lut will have meetings with the President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, and the Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar. He is also expected to meet with negotiators on both sides. Prior to her contacts with the two sides, Ms. Lut will also have a meeting with the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Cyprus, Elizabeth Spehar, and members of the Cyprus Group in the UN Secretary General's Good Services Mission. , to be informed in relation to any developments and contacts taking place on the ground.

Source: www.philenews.com

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