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Noa Argamani: The 26-year-old hostage is free – Reunited with her sick mother

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<p><strong>After eight months as a hostage, Noa Argamani embraces her mother who is suffering from terminal cancer. She was rescued by the Israeli army.</strong></p>
<p><strong>A few hours after her rescue</strong>, after eight months as a hostage in the Gaza Strip,<strong>Noah Argamani</strong> > rushed to a Tel Aviv hospital to be by her mother's side, who is suffering from terminal cancer.</p>
<p>Argamani's face is <strong>one of the most recognizable among the captives</strong> who were kidnapped by Hamas fighters during the bloody attack on October 7. Dramatic images of her abduction on a motorcycle, with the 26-year-old begging for her life, desperately trying to touch her partner who was following a short distance away, went viral. 30-year-old<strong> Avinatan Or</strong> remains a prisoner of Hamas.</p>
<p>Noah Argamani was rescued yesterday Saturday (06/08)<strong> along with three other hostages</strong>, during the raid of Israeli commandos in an apartment building in the center of Gaza.</p>
<p><em><strong>“I am so happy to be here,” she said in a phone call with the president of Israel, surrounded by her family and friends. A short time later, she received a standing ovation when she arrived at a Tel Aviv hospital where her mother, Liora, is being treated for terminal brain cancer.</p>
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Noa Argamani was abducted from the Nova music festival on October 7.

She was just rescued by the IDF with three other hostages and reunited with her father. pic.twitter.com/JxMg5A4uQM — Eylon Levy (@EylonALevy) June 8, 2024

Last October, after her daughter was abducted at the Nova music festival in the Negev desert, 61-year-old Liora Argamani was asked in a television interview how she envisioned the moment of reunification. , he replied.

The hospital's director, Professor Ronnie Gamzu, described the mother's condition as “complex and difficult”. But he clarified that Noah Argamani was able to contact her mother, who sensed her presence. “For the last eight months we have been trying to keep her at a level where she could communicate,” Gamzu said.

The freed hostage's father, Yaakov Argamani, was nearby to his daughter from the moment the military helicopter landed with those rescued from the Gaza Strip. “Today is my birthday, such a gift I could not imagine when I would receive”, he said happily.

According to the Athens and Macedonian News Agency, more than 360 people were killed in the bloodshed caused by gunmen at the Nova music festival, while another 40 were kidnapped by Hamas militants, according to Israeli authorities.

Near the hospital. Suraski, in central Tel Aviv, a crowd gathered to celebrate the rescue of the four hostages and demand the release of the 115 abductees who remain in the Gaza Strip.

source: news 24/7

Source: 24h.com.cy

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