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North Korea: Kim Jong Un sent balloons with garbage and animal feces to South Korea (pictures)

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Βορεια Κορεα: Ο ΚιοΟυιλεμπλι μεουκεριατα ν τη Κοκεσ >In an unprecedented move, North Korea sent balloons filled with garbage, toilet paper and animal excrement to South Korea.</strong></p>
<p>Pictures released by South Korean media show white balloons carrying garbage bags filled with trash and what looks like excrement.</p>
<p>There was a warning from Kim Jong Un over the weekend about “heaps of trash and garbage that they will soon spread to the border areas and inside South Korea.</p>
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North Korea sent more than 150 balloons with garbage to South Korea – Yonhap

Inside the bags tied to the balloons were plastic bottles, batteries, shoe parts and even manure.

North Korea has previously said it intends to scatter "mountains of waste paper and dirt” in border… pic.twitter.com/X3HqAXn2xb

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) May 29, 2024

Military instructions to citizens

“Unidentified items believed to be North Korean propaganda leaflets were spotted in the Gyeonggi border zone – Gangwon and the military has taken measures,” South Korea's military general staff said.

“Citizens should avoid all outdoor activities. Do not come into contact with any unknown object and inform the nearest military base or the police,” he added in a statement.

North Korea's actions “clearly violate international norms and seriously threaten the security of our people ,” complained the army general staff, which pointed out thatsome of the balloons contained debris, which the military is looking into, calling on the North to immediately stop these low-level actions. strong>

Βορεια Κορεα: Ο Κ&iota μινγνιελι&epsilon σοπδιπετμτσ ;τη Νότα Κοεκόεσ balloons</strong></p>
<p>After the Korean War in the 1950s, the two sides declared an armistice, but never signed a peace treaty.</p>
<p>South Korean activists sometimes send<strong> balloons with anti-North Korean regime</strong>propaganda leaflets and money for the people of North Korea. These missions infuriate Pyongyang.</p>
<p>For its part, North Korea has sent propaganda balloons across the border in the past, most notably in 2016.</p>
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Source: 24h.com.cy

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