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Nouris defends the manipulations in Pournara – He answers to the Commissioner of Children and AKEL

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It is “amazing the ease with which both AKEL and the Commissioner target the Minister of Interior for what is happening at the Center for First Reception of Immigrants, Pournara”, the Ministry of Interior states, in response to the statements made by AKEL, but also to What the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of the Child pointed out on Wednesday about the situation in Pournara.

In the announcement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs addresses Noting that the officials of the Ministry of the Interior are literally exaggerating themselves in order to manage the current situation, the seriousness of which is fortunately recognized by the European Union itself.

Regarding the sensitive issue of minors, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that “Pournara” can welcome 100 minors in the safety zone with the new improvements that have been made, but due to the increased flows, it has taken care to create additional spaces in other parts of the Center. Do not mix children with adults.

“We have never improved the situation, on the contrary, we are claiming European support to manage the huge weight we are lifting,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, adding that “the fact that the minors who arrived in the Republic in January could not go unnoticed & # 8211; In February 2021 it was only 49, while in the corresponding two months of this year this number has tripled to 166 “. applications for minors, has long completed the procedures for the 214 out of a total of 356 currently residing at the Center. “

According to the Ministry of Interior, “they should, indeed, have already been moved by the Social Welfare Services, either to another suitable premises or to find families for adoption, however, this move was not made because these suitable places have not been found. “

” But this does not burden the Ministry of Interior and we hope that this move will be made immediately to discharge the Center “points out the Ministry of Interior in its announcement.

Regarding the feeding inside “Pournara”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that “three meals are provided in the right quantities, based on the recommendation of AXIT and it is remarkable that the competent Commissioner projects the statement of a child without checking it for correctness. “when we successfully passed this control, many times and even very recently by the competent European Asylum Service (EASO) which controls the conditions in the Center”.

Regarding the hygienic conditions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarifies that “in the landscaped living area of ​​the minors' zone, there are currently 6 built-in toilets and 3 showers, while in the extraordinarily designed additional spaces, the minors are guided by the competent officials for the use of public utilities.” p>

Addressing the Commissioner for Child Protection, the Ministry of Interior points out that “Pournara” is a First Reception Center “and educational activities can not operate there, and this happens when minors move out of the Center, always under the responsibility of the Social Welfare Services”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to “AKEL's insistence on making false and well-answered allegations that European funds are being squandered” reminds “for the umpteenth time that the 3 million euros mentioned by its representative were indeed allocated for the creation and operation of an Open Center for unaccompanied minors “.

“This money was given for the period from 17/11/2015 until 16/3/2022 to the Organization Hope for Children which operates and operates in the old town of Nicosia and AKEL friends are welcome to visit it to see where “How is this money spent?” the Ministry of Interior continues. Cyprus and specifically concern funds for the period from 1/2/2019 until 31/10/2020 to cover the feeding and operating expenses of Pournara “.

He adds that” all this information was requested from AKEL , twice, the first by the former Secretary General Andros Kyprianou and has been given in detail “.

” So if AKEL so comfortably calls on the Minister of Interior to resign, we wonder what should be the consequence for those inexpensive and irresponsible e they make similar non-existent accusations “concludes the announcement – response of the Ministry of Interior.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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