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Nursing homes with air conditioners turned off. The Third Age Observatory calls for severe penalties

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    Nursing homes with air conditioners turned off. The Third Age Observatory calls for severe penalties – What it says in a statement

    At a time when intense heat puts vulnerable groups of the population, especially the elderly, at risk, protecting their health should be a top priority says the Observatory Tuesday Age Cyprus.

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    highlights the need to create suitable living conditions in nursing homes and the importance of using air conditioners to ensure the comfort and health of the elderly.< /p>

    In a statement it notes that high temperatures during the summer months are a particularly serious risk for the elderly, because they can cause heat stroke, dehydration and also worsening of chronic diseases.  “Unfortunately, it once again proves that some nursing home owners do not care about ensuring the health of the people they host. A strange example is the non-use of air conditioners that was observed during the visits to institutions by the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Ms. Marilena Evangelos and officials of the Welfare Office, in the last few days”.

    The Observatory emphasizes that while inspections of institutions are in the right direction, however, a simple warning to take action if they do not comply cannot be accepted. This practice is extremely worrying as it exposes the elderly to serious health risks. The phenomenon of not using air conditioners is nothing new, so strict penalties should be imposed on nursing homes that persist in putting the elderly at risk. The Observatory calls on the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare to continue inspections of nursing homes and impose penalties that deter such behaviour.

    Furthermore, because the majority of the elderly are not in institutions, the Observatory publicly calls on both the Minister of Energy Mr. Papanastasiou as well as the Cyprus Electricity Authority, to immediately consider ways to give special discounts on electricity bills to low-income pensioners for the summer months.

    “This will make it possible for them to be able to use the air conditioners and fans to cool off, without having to worry about whether they will have to pay at the end of the month, due to the particularly increased cost of electricity. The Observatory considers that it is imperative to prioritize the health of the elderly, which is clearly affected by the high temperatures prevailing in Cyprus, and calls on all relevant bodies to act decisively in this direction,” it concludes.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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