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O. Michailidis: Instead of the Control data for naturalizations, another was created…

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 Ο. Μιχαηλλδησ: Α ντΙ στην ΕεγκτιιχεΙα για τιςποιτογρειςδημιοργ orθηκε Αλλη

The soldiers who served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, in favorable positions, were not selected through objective procedures, the Auditor General said today < p>Auditor General Odysseus Michaelides' answers on the issues of the title of Assistant Attorney General, the donation of his lawyers for defense services, multiple pensions, the Ministry of Defense, as well as naturalizations, stood out during the third day of the hearing. to the Supreme Judicial Council regarding the request of the Attorney General Giorgos Savvidis for the suspension of the Auditor General with the allegation of inappropriate behavior.

In particular, Mr. Michaelidis expressed the Audit Service's concern over the fact that the law in force was consciously not being implemented and multiple pension payments continued, while he noted that the number of soldiers who served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 15 persons in favorable positions, they were not selected through objective procedures and that during the time of Angelides and his successors there was a lack of objective procedures and a greater than necessary number of persons.

Regarding the access to the naturalization files, Mr. Michaelidis expressed the position that there was an obstruction on the part of the government for the delivery of data in 2019, while when EY expressed the intention of a more general investigation of the case, it was decided to appoint another committee by the Council of Ministers , which, he said, was used as a reason not to provide information to EY.

The cross-examination of the Auditor General will continue on Thursday at 9.30 am. with the aim of completing the process.

Attorneys fee

In a question about a statement by the spokesman of the Audit Service to journalists that the public will not be charged a cent for the legal advisers in the appeal case for the title of Assistant Auditor General and parallel statements by the Auditor General that the fees of the lawyers will come from himself, Mr Michaelidis said he had been asked by the Supreme Court to rule on issues raised by the Assistant Auditor General regarding his title and powers.

He added that after a conversation with his lawyer Joe Triantafyllidis, two problems emerged regarding the assignment of the case to private individuals, firstly that the Attorney General should be asked and secondly that the consulting services fund for the year in question was reserved.< /p>

He also said that when the process was completed and there was confirmation that the Comptroller is an organ of the Republic, he thought it was not right to sign a contract and asked the lawyers to invoice him, which they did not accept because, according to them, it is a interpretation of the Constitution and it was not right for him to bear the cost himself. There is nothing objectionable in this matter because there is no conflict of interest, he noted on the matter.

Multiple Pensions

Asked by the Attorney General's lawyer, Dino Kallis, about the issue of the multiple pensions of government officials and why they were not identified when the issue was brought to the fore at least once a year since 2013, the Auditor General said that until In 2017, EY conducted audits of the financial statements of the KD in a way that is no longer appropriate, adding that since 2017 and after cooperation with British experts, the audits are conducted in a completely professional manner and include an annual sampling of 1,500 transactions among hundreds of thousands.

He added that if there was one of the 20 cases of multiple syntax in the sample, this would be detected.

He also explained that after the summer of 2023 when the issue came to light he himself attended a session in the Parliament, filed a written note of EY with what he knew, he explained about the pensions of the Ministers that the pension is suspended, but an official of the Department of Public Administration and Personnel (TTTIP) indicated that this is not the case because this part of the law is not applied and that is how the issue was raised.

As soon as we found out that payments are being made that conflict with the law in force we expressed concern, we have a law that must be applied , noted in this regard.

Complaints about Ministry of Health

In response to a question from Mr. Kallis about the Auditor General's letter to the Attorney General in which he denounced the Ministry of Defense for denying access to data and the sending of a second letter in which he accused the Attorney General this time of covering for the Ministry after the opinion that there was no criminal offense in the first case, Mr. Michaelidis said that EY forwarded a complaint to the Attorney General on the basis of the right to information, while the second letter was addressed to the Anti-Corruption Authority regarding a complaint about 4 armed men .

He added that the reference to a cover-up of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by the Attorney General only concerns the latter's powers regarding EY's access to information and that he was not accused of corruption or of a cover-up.

< p>He also said that in EY's opinion, no security issues of the Republic are raised by the complaint to the Anti-Corruption Authority.

Against the claim of Mr. Kallis that the Auditor General left hints about the cover-up of illegalities by the Assistant Attorney General Savvas Angelidis during his tenure as Minister of Defense and that these reports show that his purpose from the beginning was “his anger against him BGE”, Mr. Michaelidis said that the EY started with a named complaint by a journalist that relatives of the Commissioner of Administration serve in the Office of the Chief of the EF and the Minister of Defense, whom they considered to be the subject of an investigation.

He added that as long as the issue was publicized, information was received that showed that the issue was going on over time and the Ministry of Justice decided not to focus on the current ministerial term but to go backwards, adding that when the report was completed it was found that under the Ministry of Health Savva Angelides, this problem was particularly severe.

He added that the report includes tables in which the number of military personnel serving in the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Defense is recorded, “a total of 15 persons in favorable positions”, and concludes that these persons were not selected through objective procedures and that during the time of Angelidis and his successors there was a lack of objective procedures and greater than the necessary number of persons, data which, as he said, the Ministry did not dispute either.

In response to Mr. Kallis' remark that there were standing orders for the deployment of armed men, which was not Mr. Angelidis's issue, Mr. Michaelidis said that no Minister took measures to change the situation and that there was an improvement only after the President of Demokratias said to give data to EY.


In response to a question from Mr. Kallis why, despite Mr. Michaelides' respect for the opinions of the Attorney General and despite the previous agreement of the two officials not to make statements on the issue, EY proceeded to report the KD to the International Organization of Supreme Bodies INTOSAI Audit, the Auditor General said that after the joint statement of the two officials, an EY report was issued and followed by very strong statements by the Attorney General calling her to order, but also statements by the then Government Representative, who, as he said, approx. pre-announced a petition to cease.

He added that the EY requested the support of an international body with knowledge of the standards and objectivity of judgment that could not be disputed by the Government, considering that the lack of access to the data is a problem for the independence of the service.

Asked if the Nicolatos Committee was appointed to delay the EY and if the Auditor General discredited the Committee, Mr. Michaelidis expressed the position that there was obstruction on the part of the Government for the delivery of data in 2019, while when EY expressed the intention of a more general investigation of the case, it was decided to appoint a second committee by the Council of Ministers, which, as he said, was used as a reason not to give information to EY.

When asked what the damage was from the transfer of the audit of the EY to the KD, the Auditor General said that the opinion of the Attorney General that two parallel investigations cannot be carried out on the same case undermines the pillar of independence and the autonomous decision for the time of the audit of the Service, adding that it follows from Nikolato's conclusion that EY's reports were very useful and the simultaneous investigations would not only do no harm, but would have a positive impact.

Source: politis.com.cy

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