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Obstacle to the appointment of Special Envoy, said the Tatar who supported the opening of the Famagusta Gate

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Obstacle to the appointment of Special Envoy, said the Tatar who supported the opening of the Famagusta Gate

There is an obstacle to the appointment of a Special Envoy, said Ersin Tatar, who reiterated to Colin Stewart the position of Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General, with the powers of Jane Hall Luth. He also supported the opening of a new roadblock in Nicosia, at the Famagusta Gate.

In statements to the “news agency” after the meeting, which lasted 1 hour, that he had with the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Cyprus, the Turkish leader said that he mentioned to the Canadian diplomat that in case they are accepted the two sovereign, equal states and the equal international regime, can resume talks and that there is no question of the Turkish side abandoning or doing behind this position.

Mr Tatar said Mr Stewart was aware of the difficulties and added that the UN Security Council expected the two sides to intensify work on the “bilateral” (technical) committees to increase “Two peoples”, in a way that will be in the common interest of all and produce a series of common plans, which will be to the benefit of both the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots. “After all, that's how we see it,” he said.

Mr. Tatar said that the Committees on Health, Cultural Heritage, Gender Equality and other areas are working. “We are sharing some of our views and thoughts with them to increase the density and improve trade between the two sides. In addition, I told him that if an additional gate (roadblock) is opened in Nicosia, if the Famagusta Gate is opened, it would be good “.

Ersin Tatar said he told Colin Stewart that the Cyprus issue has been an issue for 60 years and that it is not possible to find a solution soon, saying that there is no question of backing the new vision, the new policy he has set for Geneva last April and is based on the “sovereign equality and international status” of the Turkish Cypriots. “Our new stance with the support of the Turkish Republic is clear,” he added.

Mr. Tatar told Mr. Stewart, according to his statements, that the Turkish Cypriot side is proceeding with an opening in Varosi through the “real estate committee” with respect for property rights and in a legally appropriate manner.

Asked by the reporter of the Turkish “news agency” about his report to the Liberal Party about the invitation of him and President Anastasiadis to London by the British High Commissioner, Mr. Tatar said that “in order to start formal negotiations, ours This attitude is clear, our sovereign equality and our equal international status must be accepted. Until then, we can certainly be in informal, social encounters. “I have no problem with that.”

He cited as an example the meeting he had with the President of the Republic at the UN reception before the New Year. “Before that we met and talked in Brussels, in Geneva, in New York. In various discussions with the British, we said we would meet in London once. However, this does not mean for us that formal negotiations are starting. “I want to emphasize this once again,” he said.

What is more natural, Ersin Tatar concluded, on such a small island the leaders of two separate “peoples” meet socially from time to time.

Source: politis.com.cy

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