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Occupied – Controversy and tension in the “parliament” over the economic protocol with Turkey

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Controversy and tension prevailed during the debate on the protocol of economic and fiscal cooperation between Turkey and the pseudo-state, which took place today in the “parliament” in the occupied territories. The discussion started with the speech of the president of RTK, Tufan Erhiurman. The People's Party, which decided last week to leave the “parliament”, did not participate in today's session.

Mr. Erhiurman commented on the fact that the person who signed the agreement on the protocol is no longer “prime minister” (ss: means Faiz Suzuoglu) and that “government” no longer exists. “We do not accept as legal a structure that is a product of intervention. “Mr. Tatar also said it openly,” he said, referring to statements by the Turkish Cypriot leader that Ankara had interfered in politics in the Turkish community in the past.

Ο The president of RTK noted that the protocol may refer to a source of revenue of 4.25 billion TL, but there are debts from 2021, which the pseudo-state will have to repay to Turkey and the amount that will remain in the end will be 2.15 billion ΤΛ. He noted that inflation has jumped to 88%.

Stressing that the protocol interferes with trade union rights, collective bargaining, rallies and marches, Tufan Erhiurman wondered “what does all this have to do with the economy and the budget?” “If religious affairs takes over the rights of EVKAF, will this bring development to the country?” He asked. Commitments have been made to Turkey on issues completely outside the economy and finance, he added.

You did not even read this text, he said addressing the “government” and even if you read it, you will not understand it, and if you understood it, you will not burn a nail for your homeland. “A text has been signed that provides for a violation of the constitutional order”, asking them to explain to the world “the abolition of the rights to gatherings and events, what do they have to do with development?”.

If collective agreements are abolished, this will increase public finances, he also wondered. “You say that the way to reduce the foreign debt, that is, to Turkey, is not to have the old rights when the collective labor agreement ends. “What you are saying is that we are stifling rights.” = “text-paragraph”> Quarrel with Erhan Arikli

When Tufan Erhiurman said, “You should tell us what you signed on our behalf,” “Transport Minister” Erhan Arikli replied from the podium “you will find out when the time comes” with the opposition leader answering angrily ” What did you sign? ” and a brief scuffle ensued, as reported by websites.

Speaking after Tufan Erhiurman, Erhan Arikli said that it is a “government” of reforms “and these reforms will be implemented one way or another”. Addressing the opposition, he said, “If you help us, we will thank you; if not, we will do it ourselves.” Discussions about the protocol should be done through the filter of conscience and logic, he added.

“Finance Minister” Sunat Atun said that protocols between Turkey and the pseudo-state have been signed for years and that a country (Turkey) that uses its own internal resources in another “country” (the pseudo-state) also sets conditions for this, but this is not enforcement, as he argued. Took notes reported ok. Atun from Tufan Erhiurman's speech and he will answer specifically. Deuterology followed by the president of PTK.

The point we are in is a “scorched earth”, the economy has hit rock bottom, said in his own speech the “prime minister”, Unal Ustel, saying that he took this post having received a relevant mandate from the relevant organs of his party. The first reform they will pass, he said, is for the local government and they are ready to set up joint committees for it.

The microphone that caused tension >

The second time Tufan Erthiurman took the stage, the microphone was interrupted and could not be heard. The “president” of the “parliament”, Zorlou Torre, told him then that they should restrict the speeches, according to the rules of procedure of the “parliament”. Annoyed, Mr. Erhiurman told him that his job was to ensure that there was a discussion and not to put restrictions.

In a post on social media, KL President Kudret Ozersay wrote that the protocol included the phrase that improvements would be made to meetings and decision-making processes, so it should come as no surprise if restrictions were introduced soon. and in the speeches in the “parliament”, as he noted.

The anti-democratic regulations will continue, increasing, he continued wondering when Turkey signs an international agreement, how it would react if a clause for how the Grand Turkish National Assembly will meet and make its decisions.

Reactions from unions

According to the GTP, the Turkish press today also refers to the reactions of the unions. Kublai Ozkirac, president of El-Sen, a union of workers in the “electricity authority”, said that the main goal of the “protocols” signed with Turkey from the 1980s until today is to give the “authority” to the Turkey, but was not achieved thanks to El-Sen's dignified stance.

In a written statement, he noted that even today the union will not allow the plans of those who “whet their appetite again” to pass, adding that the latest “protocol” includes the “imposition of setbacks” on Turkish Cypriots, the privatization of ports. , the abolition of collective bargaining agreements, the curtailment of the rights of “public” workers, the imprisonment of thought and the end of the trade union struggle.

“We do not recognize and do not accept this protocol of annexation and betrayal “, he noted, adding that they are ready for mass resistance both as a guild and together with other organizations.

The president of the” civil servants “guild (BES), Mustafa Yaltsinkaya stated that they will fight against the “protocol” together with other unions and organizations. “Those who signed this package are clearly betraying their own people. “We will, as always, take to the streets against this package of destruction that will increase the existing dependence on Ankara in every sense and in every sector,” he said.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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