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Occupied: Left Movement calls for “anti-colonial” struggle for a united Cyprus

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The leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, Ersin Tatar, expressed strong dissatisfaction with the dynamic mobilizations that took place yesterday in the occupied territories on the occasion of the formation of the new three-party “government”. “I am very curious about who is coordinating these things (the mobilizations), who is hiding behind these cases. “I really do not want to believe that the Turkish Cypriots are behind such a movement,” he told the “news agency”, reacting to the anti-occupation slogans of the protesters.

“We have a state, a democracy here. We have been fighting for centuries. Every people wants to have the right to self-government and to establish a state. No one should be tempted to ask someone else to rule you. “

Mr. Tatar also referred to the ongoing economic crisis in Turkey and the occupied territories, saying that the Turkish side would not make “concessions” because of this crisis.

“I believe that after the pandemic and if the Russian-Ukrainian war ends, its economy will return to previous levels and grow. “Tourism, higher education, the growth of agricultural activities with the water project and investments made in the country from abroad will contribute to the economy,” he said.

< strong> It will intensify the struggle, says the Left Movement

Mr. Tatar's statements came at a time when the T/C “Left Movement”, in new He announced in a statement that he would intensify “the struggle not for a colony but for an independent and united Cyprus.”

Turkey, which has turned the northern part of Cyprus into a colony “.

Reacting to the recent statements of the Turkish Vice President, the Turkish Left Movement also stated that Turkey, together with Greece and the United Kingdom, are the guarantors of the constitutional order in the “Republic of Cyprus, in which the Turkish Cypriots are partners “and that Turkey” based on this capacity, develops its military and political bureaucrats in the northern part of our island “.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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