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Occupied: New 500-bed hospital announced by Turkey's new “ambassador”

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Κατεχoμενα: Ν εο νοσοκομεiο 500 κλινoν εξorγγειλε ο &nu ;εος «πρεσβης» της ΤουρκΙας

The foundation stone of a new 500-bed hospital will be laid by the new "ambassador" of Turkey in the occupied territories, Metin Feizioglu as he stated during his meeting yesterday with the "minister of health" İzlem Gürçag Altügra.

According to the GTP, the Turkish press reports that Mr. Feizioglu, who continues visits and meetings on the occasion of assuming his duties, added that he "will support the TRNC in any work related to health».

Mr. Feizioglou also met yesterday with the "Minister of Public Works and Transport", Erhan Arikli, "Minister of Interior" Ziya Ozturkler and the "Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment", Fikri Ataoglou.

The online newspaper Bougyun Kypris writes that the "ambassador" he started his contacts in the occupied territories, but the opposition is not on the agenda of the meetings.  The opposition parties, it is added, stated that he had not requested an appointment with them.

"Feizioglu, who stated that he ‘received instructions’ after his meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before coming to the island, he does not include in the instructions he received the  improving relations with the Turkish Cypriots. According to embassy sources, the ambassador does not have such an agenda at the moment, the publication notes.

In its parapolitics column today Avrupa writes that Feizioglu is very active and causes concern if 24 hours pass and there is no news about him.

"The most media-hyped governor of all time, the pop star of colonial governors! Feizioglu, our major benefactor, as TRNC's Minister of Health, has announced that he will lay the foundation stone for a 500-bed hospital planned to be built in Nicosia. The 500 beds you carry do nothing for the war crimes population. The 500 beds with the war crimes you carry do not fill the cavities of the population's teeth. You are not with us, Mr. Pop Star,' it says, among other things.

Source: KYPE 

Source: www.sigmalive.com

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