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Odysseus also involves the PTA in the marina

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Odysseus also involves the PTA in the marina

The issue of the direct involvement of a relative of the President of the Republic in the board of directors and the management of the marina of Ayia Napa is brought to the fore by the Auditor General, with the special report he released yesterday for the Ministry of Tourism. The report inevitably keeps the issue of “golden passports” up-to-date, which has only been sidelined in recent months.

However, reference is made to the environment of the PTA through the exhibition for another issue, apart from the marina of Ayia Napa, and specifically for the subsidy that he received as a resort with a golf course for two international tournaments. EV does not rule out that the grant was given in violation of state aid provisions. On the issue, the report notes that “the director of the company is a first-degree relative of a person who belongs to the family environment of the President of the Republic.”


The control of the Ministry touches the Presidential. Tourism The marinas paid € 1.8 million to the state in 2019 How does the Ministry respond? Tourism in the objections of EV

He adds that “it should be emphasized, however, that no evidence has come to our notice that indicates any intervention of the President of the Republic himself in this case.” On the contrary, in the reports on the environment of the President, regarding the investment in the marina of Ayia Napa, the EV is much more caustic.

In particular, special mention is made of the lease to the manager of the Ayia Napa marina of a state plot near the marina, about six years after the initial agreement for the project and when, in the meantime, as supported by the report, one of the company the family environment of the President of the Republic, “photographing” his son-in-law PtD Giannis Misirlis.


Source: www.philenews.com

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