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Odysseus spoiled the farewell party of Dimitra Kalogirou, cost 10,000 euros that would be paid by the public

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Odysseus spoiled the farewell party of Dimitra Kalogirou, cost 10,000 euros that would be paid by the public

The farewell party of the chairman of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Mr. Dimitra Kalogirou, was canceled yesterday. The reason was the intervention of the Auditor General Odysseas Michailidis, who, in his letter yesterday, expressed his strong opposition to the fact that the costs of the event, amounting to approximately € 10,000, will be borne by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, ie the State. Mr. Michailidis also communicated his letter to the deputies of the Audit Committee for information and for any of their own actions.

In particular, in yesterday's letter to Mrs. Kalogirou and the other members of the board of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, Odysseas Michailidis states, among other things: Capital Market and consequently the taxable citizen. The practice followed in the public service is like the farewell parties of officials / ministers / general managers are organized on the initiative of the staff and each participant pays the relevant fee. As for the guests, who are usually minimal, they either pay the price themselves, or this is distributed to the staff who will participate in the party. In addition, the staff usually covers the price for the honored person, as well as the cost of the gift “. With the Auditor General pointing out, at the same time, the following: how they will bear the relevant costs themselves. Needless to say, the Hellenic Capital Market Commission is a public law body that manages public money and it is inconceivable to behave in this way, using public resources for purely private purposes, such as a personal party for its outgoing president. “

€ 22 per person

The Audit Office was involved in the matter following a complaint filed before it on 5/9/2021. The audit that followed, confirmed that the council, in the absence of Mrs. Kalogirou, decided to cover the costs for the farewell party in its meeting on 2/8/2021. It was also found that about 70 party invitations had been sent. It was also confirmed that offers were received from three companies for a party for 200 to 250 people without prior council decision. According to the Audit Office, the offer of the cheapest company amounts to € 22 per person plus VAT and € 150 plus VAT for music. The additional costs for ordering drinks, dessert / cake, decoration of the space, invitations, technical equipment and honorary plaque for Mrs. Kalogirou were estimated at € 3,000.

That's what everyone does

After receiving the letter of the Auditor General, the council of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission decided to cancel the event, with the vice-chairman of the committee Mr. George Theocharidis informing Mr. Odysseas Michailidis that no payment was made, claiming that the farewell decision was accepted. based on the practice applied in the public sector.

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