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OEB: It wants new business and employment support plans

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New Business Support Plans Proven to Be Affected by the Impact of War and Employment Support Plans by letter to ministers & nbsp; Finance, Labor and Home Affairs OEB.

Also calls for the granting of employment permits to foreigners in the tourism sector and the granting of work permits to Ukrainian citizens. > OEB's letter:

“Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Federation of Employers & amp; Of Industrialists (OEB) is in constant contact with both its member companies and the state, in an effort to manage the effects of the war.


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Prolonged hostilities on Ukrainian soil, sanctions imposed on Russia at European level and Russia's countermeasures have created an uncertain environment at a particularly critical time for the local economy, which is still struggling to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic./p>

Considering that we are a few weeks before the start of the tourist season but also the fact that there are still restrictions due to the coronavirus that prevent businesses from operating in normal conditions, we suggest the following:

1. Business Support Plans

New Business Support Plans that have been proven to be affected by the effects of the war should be developed based on real needs. The Plans should last as long as necessary in order to avoid bankruptcies due to the war and its side effects. The Plans that were formed and implemented during the pandemic are a good basis for the formation of new support plans. We also consider it necessary to ask the European Union to create a new financial instrument within the framework or standards of the Next Generation EU and the Recovery and Sustainability Plan, as each member state alone will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to finance the support of the economy.

2. Employment Support Plans

As was the case during the pandemic, employment should be supported, in particular (a) in traditional tourist areas (free Famagusta and Paphos are based on Russian tourists) and (b) in Limassol, where many companies with activities related to Ukraine are based; and Russia. These two categories are expected to be disproportionately affected by the expected dramatic decrease in the number of Russian tourists/visitors but also by the consequences of imposing sanctions on Russia that affect all companies doing business with it. By supporting employment through special plans, jobs will be secured for the duration of this new crisis. Funding should be provided, as well as business support, through a European funding mechanism.

3. Issuance of employment permits for foreigners in third countries in the tourism sector

Despite the radical change of scenery due to the war, in case, as we hope, the situation normalizes, the tourism industry should be ready to fully serve and take advantage of the opportunities that may arise after the end of the state of emergency. The process of granting priority permits for foreign third country employment to hotels, restaurants and other tourism-related businesses should be continued and completed as soon as possible. Despite the effects of the war and the uncertainty that has been created about inbound tourism, all the necessary permits must be given in advance so that the appropriate preparations can be made by the affected companies. Permits can be activated as far as the situation with the war allows.

4. Issuance of employment permits to Ukrainian citizens

We reiterate the urgent need for the adoption of emergency measures that will assist in the relocation of companies in Cyprus located in the war zone. Specifically, permits must be granted for entry, residence and employment of their staff, with a tourist visa and with the subsequent application of all the usual thorough checks and conditions for employment of foreigners in third countries. Employment permits should also be granted immediately to Ukrainian and Russian citizens who are currently in our country as visitors and who, as it turns out, cannot return to their countries. In addition to the above, we recommend the rapid granting of entry and employment permits to those Ukrainian refugees whom the Republic decides to welcome within the framework of the collective response to the humanitarian crisis from the large refugee flows.

We appeal to you as be promoted in the form of urgency so that decisions are taken immediately and we do not have to go back to what we have achieved with difficulty in the last two years “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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