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OEB maps the developments in energy and environment in the year 2023

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ΟΕχαρρφεεξελξ σεειπελον ;το ετο 2023

The mapping by the OEB of developments in energy and the environment during 2023 is accompanied by the moves made by the federation to solve any problems that have arisen with a focus on electricity and the environment.

According to the OEB with the advent of 2024, the business community in Cyprus was faced with new challenges and perspectives in the field of energy and the environment. The lessons learned from 2023 show the need to strengthen efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote more sustainable practices in the energy sector.

The increase in electricity prices together with high environmental costs are the main challenges that force companies to look for new practices and solutions towards a sustainable operating model. The need to invest in green innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption is becoming imperative.

The implementation of the competitive electricity market, the modernization and upgrading of the electricity network, the integration of energy storage systems as well as the introduction of natural gas are the main priorities of the country to achieve a more sustainable energy future. 2024 is emerging as a critical point in time, where strategic investments, reforms and partnerships should be implemented that will lead to a more competitive future for businesses.

At the same time, based on the ambitious goals set by the European Union to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, Cyprus submitted its own revised National Energy and Climate Action Plan (NECP) in July 2023. ESEK presents a detailed road map for the achievement of comparative energy and climate goals with a horizon of 2030. The Federation of Employers & Industrialists (OEB) as one of the main partners of the state and taking into account the importance of achieving the goals of Cyprus, submitted detailed recommendations and comments to the competent Ministry.

In addition, OEB within the framework of its plan for the transition to a green economy, but also with a view to the resilience and sustainability of Cypriot businesses, strengthened and upgraded its action as follows:

•             Active participation in the public consultations for the revision of the ESEK, the Sponsorship Plans for the Circular Economy and the energy upgrade and strengthening of the competitiveness of large companies as well as for the Bill regarding the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

•             Submission of a memorandum to the President of the Republic on important issues concerning the cost of energy, the modernization of electricity networks, the promotion of the use of RES, the strategy for the promotion of hydrogen storage and use systems in Cyprus, the Grants and Support Plans, the implementation of the competitive electricity market, energy saving and green taxation.

•             Supporting the positions of the Professional Associations of OEB Members on issues that concerned them as well as participating in meetings with bodies such as the Ministries of the Interior, Energy, Agriculture, Transport and Finance,  the Energy Regulatory Authority, the Distribution System Operator, the Transmission System Operator, the Electromechanical Service etc.

•              Monitoring the progress of the works for the arrival of natural gas in Cyprus and constant consultations with the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry and the Public Natural Gas Company.

•     &nbsp ;       Monitoring of developments around the issue of the Greece-Cyprus-Israel electrical interconnection.

•             Participation in various research or other European programs on the subject of energy and the environment, such as, among others, “LIFE-FOODprint”, “MICIE” and “TRIERES”.

•             Implementation of the Measure to promote the circular economy in hotel facilities which  is financed through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, amounting to 1.4 million euros. Through the actions of the Measure, a Circular Economy Certification Scheme was created, where this action becomes pioneering, not only at the National and European level, but also at the international level.

•     &nbsp ;       Organization of a number of lectures, seminars and workshops on current topics on energy and the environment as well as related issues, which aim to ensure valid information for OEB member companies.

•  &nbsp ;          Participation in numerous events, information days and workshops in Cyprus and abroad, as lecturers or as invited guests to strengthen expertise in energy and environmental issues.

All of the above will be discussed during the Annual General Meeting of the OEB which will take place on Tuesday, April 23, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. at the Hilton Nicosia Hotel.

Source: www.philenews.com

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