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OEB: Objectives and a roadmap are needed for the economy to reopen

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OEB: Objectives and a roadmap are needed for the economy to reopen

The Federation of Employers and Industrialists (OEB) requests the formation of a road map with designated stations at which the measures will be lifted, until a full return to normalcy, which expresses its dissatisfaction with the decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding the phasing out of restrictive measures.

“The decisions are unfair to the sacrifices of companies, a large percentage of which are for a long time either in complete inactivity or in substantial under-operation. The retailer was ready to receive the restart signal today and the focus tomorrow. “Retail is suspended for a week and not a word for the focus”, says an announcement issued by OEB after a meeting of the executive committee to review the decisions to lift the restrictive measures.

Noting that all the previous indications were in favor of the reopening of the entire retail sector from February 1, OEB points out that “the postponement for a week is psychologically painful and financially unbearable.”

According to OEB, businesses and citizens need specific, measurable and transparent goals to limit or lift restrictive measures.

“It must be understood before we go bankrupt that economic activity and social life will continue despite the existence of the virus. “It is financially ineffective and socially painful to suspend economic and social activity while waiting for the virus to be eradicated,” OEB said.

In conclusion, OEB appeals to the Government to immediately prepare a single reopening plan.

Source: politis.com.cy

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