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OELMEK is awaiting the start of a dialogue on student evaluation

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Σε αναμονor Ενα ρξης διαλόγου για την αξιολόγησ η μαθητoν η ΟΕΛΜΕΚ

Waiting for the dialogue to start as soon as possible regarding the evaluation of students between the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and the involved bodies in education, is OELMEK, which has sent in writing its positions and recommendations, which are common with the Pan-Cypriot Confederation of Parents of Secondary Education, to the responsible Minister, Athina Michailidou.

Specifically, in their letter with their positions and recommendations, they state that the multiple problems created by the implementation of the Four-month Exams (shrinkage of useful teaching time, promotion of mechanized processing of the teaching/exam material, creation of an extremely stressful school curriculum) are clearly evident. program that has a negative impact on the school units, the teachers, the quality educational process and especially the students, etc.), as well as the significant mistakes made in the process of their implementation by the Ministry of Education (e.g. e.g. increased teaching material in relation to the available teaching time, examination material, examination essays, etc.).

They also note that it is fully documented that the objectives set by the YPPAN from the beginning for the implementation of the Quarterly Exams (e.g. "formative assessment", "improving learning outcomes", "reducing para-education") , "unloading the material", "reducing stress and pressure for students", "increasing personal free time of students", "encouragement in the utilization of new feedback forms of continuous and creative assessment" , "qualifying school time in the consciousness of students", "turning the school into a community of learning and creation") have not been achieved.

They state, at the same time, that taking into account the above, they request that the new Government and the House of Representatives immediately promote the procedures for the termination of this institution, with the simultaneous initiation of a meaningful dialogue with the aim of forming a new student evaluation plan /-three, which really works for the benefit of the Public School and primarily the students, which will be implemented from the next school year 2023-2024.

«At the same time, we note that they should be found ways, so that this year's students, and especially the final students, do not become victims, because of their existing failed evaluation system,' they add.

They also state that in view of the procedures that must be started immediately to achieve the above objectives, OELMEK and the Pancypriot Confederation of Parents of Secondary Education submit their joint positions below for consultation, which they believe will on the one hand help to overcome existing problems and on the one hand they will form a reliable and functional student evaluation system.

Specifically, they recommend to stop the conduct of the three exams in G’ High School, because the system implemented in the last two years proved to be exhausting for the final year students.

"Our position is that at least the intermediate central exam for C’ Lyceum, while we reject the thoughts of abolishing the Pancypriot Examinations, which is one of the most reliable and recognized institutions in Cypriot society, they note. dismissal or access) must be done at the end of the school year.

"For the conduct of these exams, specific scenarios for the dismissal and access of final year students were discussed in the past, which should be examined in the dialogue.  One of the scenarios that is up for discussion for final year students is the holding of a single exam at the end of the school year for dismissal purposes and immediately afterwards the holding of the Pancypriot Examinations for access purposes for those students interested in entering the public universities of Cyprus and Greece , as it was until 2008», they add.

They state, at the same time, that the intermediate written central exam should be abolished both in A’ and B’ High School as well as in the High School Cycle, since the conduct of this examination is primarily responsible for the loss of useful teaching time, the non-effective application of formative assessment as well as for many other negative side effects of the four-month examinations.

< p>They note, at the same time, that for the three classes of the High School as well as for A’ and B’ Lyceum class, a single exam could be maintained at the end of the school year, in which the students will be examined in a limited and clearly defined exam material, which will not exceed 60% of the curriculum.

They also propose that the exam material be announced every school year after the Easter holidays.

They also state that the weight of the final central exam in the overall score should be reduced compared to the existing system and should not exceed 30%.

"It goes without saying, of course, that both A’ as well as B’ four months will continue to exist for purposes of separating the school year and the curriculum. The grade of the year will result from the grade of α’ four-month period (the grade of the students from the oral assessment, exams), the grade of the β’ four months (oral evaluation, competitions) and the grade of the final central exam that will be held at the end of the school year, they add.

They note, at the same time, that very clear limits should be defined in terms of the number of competitions which will be held during the school year and every four months, for each subject separately (according to its needs), while a maximum limit of competitions that will be allowed per week should also be set.

"We ask that the concerns, worries and opinions that we have been expressing all the previous period of time be finally heard, as well as our common request for a meaningful dialogue, which we are asking for  for a long time. We also expect the pre-election commitments of the new Government to be respected, both with regard to the institution of four-month exams in general and those regarding the non-victimization of this year's students and especially final year students, they conclude.

OELMEK waiting for a dialogue


Besides, the General Secretary of OELMEK, Kostas Hatzisavvas, in his statements to the KYPE and asked about it, said that regarding the evaluation of the students "we expect him to call us as soon as possible to start a dialogue".

"Of course. “We gave our proposal, which is shared with the All-Cypriot Confederation of Parents, to the Minister in writing,” he added. ——

When asked when the exams for the 2nd semester will begin, Mr. Hadjisavvas said that for the Lyceum, the exam for the 2nd semester starts on Monday, May 15, while for High School, based on the programming of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, starts on Monday, May 29. "Because the program at the High School, based on the start date of the exams, is very pressing, we asked the Minister to consider the possibility of the exams starting earlier than the date that has been announced", he concluded.
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