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Of Vatylis… in the Municipality of Larnaca – Background in progress

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Της Βατυλ…στ ον Δorμο Λαρνακας – Παρασκorνιο σε ε ξeλιξ&eta?

Mihalis Pepkris was finally the chosen one of Pindar in Larnaca. Against Andreas Vyras, the Democratic Alarm puts another Vatyliotian and the battle for the Larnaca Municipality will have a Vatylian air as both of them come from the occupied community of Vatyli.

Whether this has any significance at the ballot box will be seen by the result. Communication for  Pindarou the most important thing is that he closed the biggest pending issue regarding the candidates for Local Self-Government.

In DISY they take for granted that today the chapter is also closed regional governor of Larnaca with the announcement of Evangelos Evagelidis. The latter had set as a condition to the leadership that in order to stand as a candidate, the party should first have a candidate for Mayor.

Since this issue was officially closed yesterday with the announcement of Michalis Ppecris, with whom, according to the information, Mayor Aradippou maintains very good relations, it is considered closed for Pindarou and the issue of the regional governor. According to our information, Evangelos Evaggelidis had been informed before the official announcement about the positive outcome with Michalis Ppecris expressing satisfaction.

Estimates are that today or tomorrow at the latest, the official announcement will be made by Evangelos Evagelidis and then the announcement by the party will follow.

In the local community of Larnaca in the last hours after Perki's announcement, another discussion has started. According to what is being said, behind-the-scenes moves are underway in order to change the scene in the Municipality of Larnaca, with the withdrawal of the candidacy of ELAM MP Sotiris Ioannou.

What is being said is that some moves are being made with the intention of promoting a candidacy against Andreas Vyra in order to have a chance of beating him. Alarmist circles even talked about the popularity of Michalis Ppecris among the alarmists of Larnaca, characterizing him as a candidate that rallies the party.

However, the information is not confirmed at an official level. On the contrary, the information from ELAM noted that the candidacy of Sotiris Ioannou was the result of a decision of the party's collective bodies and there is currently no reason to change this decision.

Pindarou yesterday

strong> tried to give a festive touch to the announcement of the candidacy of Michalis Ppecris, calling for a press conference in which the president of the party Annita Dimitriou herself undertook to present him.

The latter had an hour and a half meeting with him on Monday at noon at the party's offices trying to convince him. The initiative, according to our information, was started by the deputy president of the party Euthymios Diplaros from Saturday night, when the first attack was made against Michalis Ppekri.

There have been various discussions these days and this explains the leaks of the last few days that wanted something to be announced.  The agreement was finally closed last night, with the leadership of the party giving assurances about the support it will provide to its candidacy in order for it to stand competitively against Vyras. There is already an effort to mobilize officials in the city to work for the Ppecris candidacy.

In yesterday's statement Annita Dimitriou after introducing Michalis Ppecris indicated that this is a new successful and self-made man, who, as she claimed, has the qualifications and characteristics that the DISY. In addition, Mrs. Dimitriou stood in Ppekris' term as the municipal councilor of the Municipality of Larnaca, speaking of a person who was born, grew up and lives in Larnaca every day and knows the problems.

Next, Michalis Ppekris , thanked Annita Dimitriou, while declaring his readiness to take on the great responsibility of his candidacy for mayor of Larnaca. “I am ready to roll up my sleeves and give my best. I know the issues of Local Government and what is needed for Larnaca to move forward”.

Source: www.philenews.com

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