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Offender Shelter Personal Data – Hiding to cover offenders and criminals

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We tend to go to the other extreme with personal data in this place. Now, with great ease, everyone invokes the legislation governing the protection of personal data in order to avoid transparency and public accountability, to hide their entanglements, conflict of interest, unfair enrichment, corruption. The law on the protection of personal data becomes a rubber band in the hands of politicians, state and elected officials, chair centaurs and lawyers. Depending on how convenient it is for them, they also interpret the legislation on personal data, always at the expense of informing the public. “Have you also noticed the constant mass abuse of personal data legislation? And if so, what do you intend to do? ” We asked the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection Mr. Irini Loizidou Nikolaidou, confirming that this is a common phenomenon. “The invocation of personal data, as I have stated several times in public, should be done when the real purpose is to protect and respect privacy. Indeed, in many cases references are made to the protection of personal data without the legal framework being applied. “The role of our Office, and this is what we do, is to identify such cases and to clarify them without leaving room for doubt about the scope of application of the law”, said Mrs. Nikolaidou to “P”. The message sent by the Commissioner to all kinds of bagaponts and supposedly innocent and undefiled in this place is clear and unambiguous: The uncritical invocation of personal data as an absolute ban on disclosure of data is illegal and is neither in line with national nor the European constitutional legal framework in which the information of the public is secured on issues of public interest. in PDF at the same time as its print run daily from 05:00 in the morning.

Source: politis.com.cy

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