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The Ministry of Defense decided to amend the existing regulations governing, among other things, the promotion of non-commissioned officers and contract non-commissioned officers, aiming at the better operation and implementation of the legal framework governing members of the army. In this regard, the Ministry of Defense submitted to the day before yesterday the plenary session of the Parliament amendments to the existing legislation, which were referred to the parliamentary Committee on Defense for consideration. It is noted that similar changes have been decided for the officers of the Armed Forces.

In particular, the main changes that are taking place are the following: and will have as their highest degree of advancement the rank of non-combatant B & # 8217 ;. Contracted non-commissioned officers who have health problems will be called “contract non-commissioned officers” and will have the highest rank of non-commissioned officer C & # 8217 ;.

The decision of the Minister of Defense to designate or not a non-commissioned officer as a non-commissioned officer and a contracted non-commissioned officer as a contracted non-commissioned officer must be taken within 20 days from the date of issuance of the relevant medical opinion or in any case, if the non-commissioned officer is judged. competent crisis council.

An executive who is classified as a non-commissioned officer or a contract non-commissioned officer will be able to return to his or her previous employment status if his or her health problems are remedied. At the same time, upon his return, his seniority will be determined as before his characterization, ie based on the date of acquisition of the degree held and not based on the date of declassification as in force today. In case of declassification of a non-commissioned officer, the time of administration required to have to be judged in the occupied rank will be both the time of the occupied rank and the time remaining from the previous ranks with a maximum of three years in addition to the administrative time for the rank held . The total number of years of service in the army and not only the years of service in each rank as it applies to officers and non-commissioned officers will be taken into account for the judgment of contract non-commissioned officers.

Members of the military serving in military units may be referred ex officio to a medical council in addition to the minister and the commander to determine whether they are fit to perform their duties.

Competent crisis councils may classify a disciplinary misconduct as serious if imposed for & # 8217; this imprisonment. They may also consider as a criterion for the adjudication of a non-commissioned officer and a contracted non-commissioned officer a disciplinary misconduct or a criminal offense only during the first trial following the date of the imposition of the disciplinary penalty for the misconduct or the conviction by a criminal court.

It is abolished for reasons of objectivity and impartiality as well as for purposes of uniformity with the crisis procedures of officers, the ratification of the crisis lists of non-commissioned officers and contracted non-commissioned officers by the Minister of Defense and the possibility of referral by the Minister to the council. since he now chairs the interrogation board. have the right to upgrade in case they are judged due to scores in a rating report with lower ratings, judgments from the highest for their grade, since the rating in their rating reports, which were prepared after their rating in a lower grade rating, allows their ranking in the higher grade and provided that they meet the other criteria of the respective grade. This benefit already applies to other non-commissioned officers.

Source: politis.com.cy

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