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Official anointing to Mavrogiannis – AKEL in full swing

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& nbsp & nbspΦρίξος Δαλίτης & nbsp; & nbsp;

Everything is ready in Hezekiah Papaioannou, with the party of the Left preparing to give tomorrow and officially the anointing of the candidate for the presidential election to Andreas Mavrogiannis. The latter returns to Cyprus tomorrow night and is preparing for the official announcement of his candidacy, in which he wants to emerge as an independent and the only one who can bring progressive change in the governance of the country. A candidacy, which, according to information, during its announcement, will be addressed more broadly in the area of ​​the Left and the Center and to those who believe that the Democratic Alarm should leave the government of the country. The day of the announcement has not been finally decided, with the latest information, however, insisting that it will take place by next Wednesday at the latest.

Andreas Mavrogiannis has already started a cycle of contacts with parties, citizens and social organizations. It is recalled that in the previous days he had a meeting with the Movement of Ecologists, while last week he met with the president of EDEK Marino Sizopoulos. Andreas Mavrogiannis will meet with all parties except DISY and ELAM. As for AKEL, which will be the main party supporting its candidacy, informal meetings are often held in the framework of coordination between the two sides. A formal meeting has not yet been arranged, but this is expected to take place & nbsp; next time.

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The pan-Cypriot conference of AKEL tomorrow will have a solemn character with the works starting with the introductory speech of Stefanos Stefanos. The secretary general of AKEL will analyze in its position, the rationale of the proposal to support the candidacy of Andreas Mavrogiannis. The pan-Cypriot conference will be attended by all members of all parties in the party, numbering a total of about 1,000. Members of the & nbsp; New Forces have also been invited and will attend. During the conference, the party members have the right to speak, with the information stating that the intention is to give the opportunity to place to 10-15 people who will argue in favor of Mavrogiannis candidacy and respectively to as many other people who will placed against. A vote will follow and the conference will close with the announcement of the result and the final position of the secretary general. of AKEL with which the pan-Cypriot conference will close. According to the party announcement, the opening and closing of the conference will be open to the media. The opening will be broadcast live by RIK2 and the AKEL Facebook page. The closing will be broadcast live from AKEL's Facebook page.

The pan-Cypriot conference will start at 10.00 in the morning at the Filoxenia Conference Center. The opening of the works will be made by the Central Organizational Secretary of AKEL Haris Karamanos and will be followed by the introductory speech by the secretary general. of AKEL Stefanos Stefanou. Afterwards, the pan-Cypriot conference will be closed to the media, followed by a debate and a vote. At 14.15 the results of the voting committee will be announced and five minutes later the result of the voting will be announced. At 14.25 the conference will be closed by the secretary general. of AKEL Stefanos Stefanou.

July decided by EDEK

EDEK is expected to take its decisions within July, after the party's circle of contacts with independent candidates is completed. The president of the party Marinos Sizopoulos and executives of the party will have the next Thursday meeting with Nikos Christodoulidis, at the request of the candidate in view of the presidential elections of 2023. This was stated by the president of EDEK in his statements yesterday, adding that the Politburo party, in a meeting on Thursday night made a review of the developments so far, with its members expressing their positions and views on how we should proceed.

“We look forward to next Thursday and the meeting requested by the presidential candidate, Nikos Christodoulidis “, said Mr. Sizopoulos, while he clarified that EDEK will continue the contacts with candidates before the final decision,” so that members of the collective bodies have a clear picture in front of them for each candidate and the decision is made “.

As Mr. Sizopoulos explained, what the members of EDEK are called to decide is whether there is a possibility of cooperation with other the parties and another candidate or whether there will be an autonomous descent. He said that in case of an autonomous descent, the party president has priority.

Source: www.philenews.com

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