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OKYPY expands dialysis stations in Famagusta General Hospital

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The State Health Services Organization (OKYPY) is in the process of expanding the dialysis stations at the General Hospital of Famagusta and the other hospitals where there is a need, for the best service of the patients.

A statement from the agency regarding the issue that arose on Thursday, March 10, regarding problems in the Hemodialysis Unit of the Famagusta General Hospital, clarified that the immediate problem arose with the malfunction of a specific water treatment system (Reverse Osmosis), which had to be replaced. move fast “.

It added that “the Agency had already taken steps to replace this system, in accordance with the instructions of the competent government agency that manages this contract. It was expected that the problem would be resolved as soon as possible, taking into account the proper procedures of the state “.

In this direction, the announcement continues “were the explanations given to the Minister of Health by the Directorate of the Organization, in the context of his briefing. In no case was any misleading or erroneous information given on the matter “it is stated and added that” specifically for this issue, there was no discussion or information, orally or in writing, to the Minister of Health at the Board and especially with independent its executive members “.

OKYPY also notes that” it is already in the process of expanding the dialysis stations, both in the General Hospital of Famagusta and in the other hospitals of the Organization, where there is a need, for the better service of the patients . The Agency manages public money and is obliged to follow the, often, time-consuming public procedures “.

Therefore, it is added” the intervention of the Minister of Health in handling the expansion of the additional stations as soon as possible is positive , as it can help solve bureaucratic difficulties. The correct and integrated provision of health services to patients is the main priority of the Organization, as it was proved in the treatment of the pandemic saving lives, and this mission obviously includes our dialysis patients “concludes the announcement of OKYPY.

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Source: politis.com.cy

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