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OKYPY hospitals paralyzed on Wednesday, March 10 – They go on strike

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OKYPY hospitals paralyzed on Wednesday, March 10 - They go on strike

Two-hour work stoppage of the hourly wage staff at OKYPY on Wednesday 10/3/2021, announced the unions SEK and PEO. According to a joint announcement issued today, among others, OKYPY violates the employment conditions of the hourly paid staff, applies unequal treatment and wrongs part of its staff.

The announcement in detail:

On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, the hourly wage staff of all state hospitals will go on a two-hour protest from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

The trade unions OEKDY SEK and PASYEK PEO since the takeover of the state hospitals by OKYPY, have shown in practice their willingness for good cooperation in order to solve large and multiple problems in order for the hospitals to cope with the new environment.

Unfortunately, after discussions and time was given to solve the problems, it was found that no action was taken to solve the problems which have increased to such an extent that the operation of the state hospitals is endangered.

  1. OKYPY violates the terms of employment of the Hourly Staff, applies unequal treatment and wrongs part of its staff.
    • It does not apply the Provident Fund to newly hired staff in violation of existing employment agreements and regulations by wronging several of its employees who experience unequal treatment.
    • No confirmation is given by the competent Directorates to the Hourly Personnel who completes the 12 months of employment that he is part of the permanent staff, as a result of which they continue to treat him as a seasonal staff no matter what that means.
    • They do not pay shift benefits to a portion of its employees, although most who have the same working hours (weekend shifts and nights) pay them as the terms of employment provide.
    • They assign tasks of Supervisors to personnel who were not selected for the position of foreman through a fair and institutionalized process (favorable assignments of tasks are made).
  2. OKYPY observes unequal and unfair treatment regarding the staffing of state hospitals with hourly paid staff. The needs for Hourly Staff have increased with the creation of new units with the result that the existing staff can not meet the additional workload with the consequence that they are not given e.g. leave or not be able to fulfill their duties based on their service plans, while for other categories of staff recruitments are made regardless of the multiple costs in relation to the cost of employment of Hourly Staff.
  3. Between the Directorates and the Central Administration of OKYPY, there is no conciliation, coordination, joint treatment of issues and implementation of decisions concerning all employees in it. When we discuss the solution of problems with the Central Administration, they blame us on the Directorates and when we talk to our Directorates, they blame the Central Administration.

We expected that the autonomy of state hospitals would give flexibility in decision-making and any problems would be solved immediately. Unfortunately, the course of OKYPY so far presents worse rigidity compared to the period when the hospitals were managed by the Ministry of Health.

The supply of hourly wage staff in state hospitals, before and during the pandemic period is huge. They are the heroes who with a very low salary and without promotions work conscientiously in the front line, either to transport patients, or to clean the premises, to disinfect, to support the services of doctors, nurses, offering services to patients and more.

The trade unions OEKDY SEK and PASYEK PEO apologize for the suffering that patients will suffer, but unfortunately the dynamic reaction is the last measure to deal with the irresponsible solution of the problems by OKYPY with the continuous violation of the terms of employment. unequal treatment of employees in public hospitals.

In case there is no solution to the problems created by OKYPY , the dynamic measures will be escalated.

From the Trade Unions


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