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OKYPY: Purchase of mobile X-ray machines worth € 1 million.

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OKYPY: Purchase of mobile X-ray machines worth € 1 million.

The Organization of Public Health Services (OKYPY), as the largest health provider in Cyprus, is constantly investing in infrastructure and equipment in order to further upgrade and improve the services offered to patients.

In this context, the Organization proceeded with the purchase of 10 modern mobile X-ray digital systems, with a total cost of € 1 million, which staffed all its hospitals.

An important advantage of the new digital systems over the previous analog ones is the fact that they allow the direct distribution and examination of the diagnostic image of the patients by the medical staff from wherever they are.

At the same time, they allow the archiving of examinations in the PACS System [System of Imaging, Distribution and Archiving of Images (X-rays, magnetic and computed tomography, ultrasound, etc.)], developed by the Department of Medical Physics of OKYPY, and awarded Cyprus with Silver Healthcare Business Awards 2021 in the Service Quality category.

This allows Medical Physicists to continuously study and evaluate the diagnostic image, but also the radiation dose received by patients, aiming to improve the diagnostic image while reducing the radiological dose, which is quite persistent and difficult, but possible.

OKYPY: Purchase of mobile X-ray machines worth € 1 million.

Reduced radiation and special test protocols

It is very important to mention that, although the new machines provide a medical image of high diagnostic value and importance, nevertheless, the patient receives a 30-50% reduced dose of radiation compared to previous technology.

Also, in order to make the best possible and correct use of them, the officials of the Department of Medical Physics in collaboration with the Technologists – Radiologists, created different examination protocols depending not only on the clinical needs, but also depending on the body type and age of the examinee. For example, special examination protocols were developed in the system delivered to Makareio Hospital, thus further reducing the radiological dose at which newborns and young children are examined.

During the presentation of the new equipment, at a press conference held at the General Hospital of Nicosia, the Head of the Department of Medical Physics of OKYPY, Dr. Prodromos Kaplanis, after analyzing the capabilities of the new equipment stressed that “although digital X-ray systems are still a useful and important tool, for the immediate diagnosis and monitoring of patients, their use should be limited only when radiography is necessary and only when it is not practical and safe to transport the patient to the Radiology Department.

With continuous investment in infrastructure, human resources and research, OKYPY is constantly upgraded with the aim of improving the services offered, always focusing on the patient.

Source: politis.com.cy

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