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OKYPY: The situation in the hospitals is marginal but manageable – Bed development plan in progress

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OKYPY: The situation in the hospitals is marginal but manageable - Bed development plan in progress

There is an action plan for the development of beds, which is in full swing, said today to KYPE the Spokesperson of the State Health Services Organization, Charalambos Charilaou, who reassures, saying that although the situation is marginal, it is nevertheless manageable.

According to Mr. Charilaou, tomorrow Friday the Paphos General Hospital is expected to be thrown into battle, with more than 40 Covid beds, expressing the hope that it will give some breath to the health system.

Besides, as Mr. Charilaou noted, the efforts at the moment are focused on the preparation of other beds in the Intensive Care Units, emphasizing that the number of intubated patients has increased greatly.

He said that a large number of patients with coronavirus are being treated, noting that “we have reached close to 300, of which 42 are being treated in Intensive Care Units.

In addition, he noted that the record, which was set on April 26, 2021, the date on which 39 people were treated in the ICU, has been surpassed.

“Despite the difficulties, the situation is manageable. We open beds where and when needed and at the required time, so that there is no one left without the proper medical assistance “, said Mr. Charilaou.

Answering a question about the evaluation of the patients who have been waiting in their homes lately, several of whom were not served, Mr. Charilaou said that after superhuman efforts made in recent days, it has been possible to serve everyone.

Asked how many beds are still available, he replied that “there are several”, assuring that “there is no issue of beds based on the existing design”.

He again appealed to the people to proceed with vaccination, because as he said “only with vaccination and the observance of protection measures we will get out of the difficult situation”.

Source: politis.com.cy

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