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Omonia: An agreement that the world is waiting for

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Negotiations between the union and the company continue without substantial progress for the time being

Ομονοια: Μια συμφωνΙα που &tau ;ην περιμeνει ο κoσμος

The chapter called “Negotiations between union and company to amend the current agreement in Omonia” remains open for months.

There is no official information on the matter from anyone. Apart from the statement of Stavros Papastavros on the Total Green show on October 31, 2022 where the issue was made public. Generalities followed. Announcement of the union the day after the declarations. Among other things, it was mentioned that on 27/10/2022 a complete proposal for amending the 2018 agreement was sent to it. And that there is readiness for discussions.

Statement by Marios Argyridis to SPORT FM 95 and the show “Kane gioi”, on February 21, 2023, that the union accepts the invitation of Stavros Papastavros for discussion. His own statement on the night of winning the cup from the volleyball team, that
the discussions continue, that some time and patience are still needed. And faith that a happy ending will come.

Leaked information is minimal and no one is able to be absolutely sure what exactly is going on. Of course, in Omonia – especially this year – no one should be sure of many things. What matters is the outcome of the contacts made between the union and company bargaining teams. The aim of the contacts is the convergence of positions so that a mutual agreement is reached.

 There are some facts that are not disputed by anyone. Let's remember them.

By entrusting the management of the football department to Stavros Papastavrou, Omonoia escaped from the competitive decline and returned to a period of prosperity.

In these four years, Omonia finished first in the standings twice, celebrated three qualifiers in European Clubs, won a Cup and a Super Cup, at the same time bringing out several youngsters from within.

Furthermore, the team has become a healthy organization from a financial point of view, freed to a large extent from the unbearable burdens of debts that plagued it for years and not only affected the course of the football team but brought it one step away from the cliff.

Besides these, there are two particular, very simple points.

Stavros Papastavrou clearly knows that Omonia was not founded in 2018, while the members of the union clearly know that without a serious investor, Omonia is not in a position to continue to play a leading role in the footballing affairs of the place. The past in the financial matter is a nightmare (House in Papanikoli, … Miltiadis Neofytou's advance, Bonds). And no sane person wants to experience it again.

The world, as a sufferer, is anxious and waiting. Of course he's expecting good news.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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