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Omonia could not play for Europa, they were eliminated on penalties

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Omonia could not play for Europa, they were eliminated on penalties

In the penalties, Omonia lost the opportunity to take part for the second consecutive year in the Europa League groups, which will finally continue its European course in the Conference League groups.

The greens could not defend the 4-2 with which they beat Antwerp in the GSP, they lost 2-0, the game was led to extra time and then on penalties, where the Belgians got the ticket to qualify.

In the regular season, Omonia lost 2-0, conceding one goal in each half. Miyoshi put his team ahead in 28 ', while Yerkenes in 84' scored the second goal and equalized the score of the first match. The result did not change during the half-hour extension.

In the penalties, Fabiano managed to catch a penalty, but there were three losses for the Nicosia team. Gometh, who made the first, sent the ball out, while the goalkeeper of Antwerp, repelled the executions of Letsiaks (3rd) and Zachariou (5th).

The evolution of the struggle

The greens are excluded, they continue in the Conference League groups

-3-2. The goalkeeper of the home team falls to the right and blocks the ball in the execution of Zachariou.

-3-2. Miyoshi's execution is high, although Fabiano fell correctly.

-2-2. To the left of the hearth is the execution of Juste, on the other side the goalkeeper

-2-1. Awesome performance by Egstein, puts the hosts ahead again

-1-1. The goalkeeper of the hosts blocks the execution of Letsiaks

-1-1. Fabiano lands right on the left side of the box and catches the execution of Jerkens, the player who sent the game into extra time

-1-1. Atiemwen's execution in the center, the goalkeeper falls

-1-0. Werstraet is on target, with the ball hitting the crossbar and ending up in the net.

-0-0 . Gometh misses the ball.

Omonia starts first.

End. Let's go for a penalty.

Start of the second half

The first half of the half-hour extra time is over

105 + 2′- Buta shoots, but the ball goes wide

103 ′ – DOKARI. Great opportunity for Antwerp, a phase that lasted for several minutes in the area of the greens with Miyoshi finally making the shot with the ball hitting the crossbar.

97 ′ – Unstable repulse of Fabiano in a shot by Miyoshi

91 ' – The shot attempted by Egstein is misplaced

Start of the first half in overtime

Let's go to overtime

End of the game

90 + 3 '- Tzionis took the ball in the area, made the shot with the ball hitting a defender and going for a corner

90 + 2′- Fabiano saves in the effort of Miyoshi

84′- GOAL. 2-0. Balikvisa escaped from Sehu, made the cross and Jerkens scored the second goal for the hosts from close range. The score of the first game is equal.

67 '- Great opportunity for the hosts, Miyoshi left from the right, made the cross and Bensop caught the shot, with Fabiano collecting the ball

55 '- Miyoshi tries a shot on goal, but it is off-target.

51 '- Awesome combination by Antwerp, and 1-2 by Bensop and Egstein, with the former reaching the shooting position and making the shot, with Fabiano saving on foot

Start of the second half

End of the first half

44 ′ – Dyskerud's shot found in defense and the new shot from Letsiaks went out

40 ' – Fabiano saves his home in an effort by Egstein

28 ′ – GOAL. 1-0. After a shot by the home side goalkeeper, Egstein won the first header and passed the ball to Miyoshi who opened the scoring with an ideal place.

27 ′ – Great opportunity for Antwerp, after a cross by Miyoshi, Bateig left in the back of the defense of Omonia and tried to make the head, with the ball going out

15 ′ – The hosts try to put a lot of pressure in the first minutes

10 ′ – Benson did not find the target

7΄- Miyoshi made the shot, the ball over the crossbar

1′- Start of the match

Antwerp (Brian Priske): Bhutto, Bataille (78 ′ Vines), Engels (90 + 1 ′ Abdullahi), De Laet, Buta, Naigolan (78 ′ Sec), Verstaet, Benson (71 ′ Jirkessa, B

* At 119 Αν, Antwerp coach Brian Priske turned yellow.

Omonia (Henning Berg): Fabiano, Letsiaks, Panagiotou, Lang, Sehou (111 Ψ Psaltis), Bassirou, Gometh, Discerund (87 ′ Zachariou), Loizou (81 ′ Juste), Kakoulis (46 εν Atou (46) Tzionis)

Scorers: 28 ′ Miyoshi, 84 ′ Jerkens

Yellow: 30 Naigkolan, 79 'Shek, 86' Engels 112 Balikvisa / 70 'Ntiskerount, 72' Letsiaks, 96'Zachariou, 113; Gómez

Referee : Andris Treimanis (Latvia)

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