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Omonia demolished APOEL's castle… and they are going for the championship!

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He broke APOEL's unbeaten streak at home with a brace and is now -5 from the top

ΓκρΕμισε το καστρο του &Alpha ;ΠΟΕΛ η Ομονοια… και παει για πρω&tau ;aθλημα!

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A big “double” for Omonia, which won 1-0 against APOEL for the 4th game of the league playoffs and enters from the outside to claim the title. The “golden” goal of the “greens” was achieved by Stepinski with an accurate penalty kick in the 22nd minute. After this victory, Omonia rose to 58 points, just five behind the top and APOEL, who today suffered their second consecutive defeat in the league and their first at home.

A' half time

In the first half the first ten minutes of the game were balanced, with both teams trying to keep the ball and threaten without succeeding.

Omonoia after the 10th minute rose more and in the 14th minute threatened with a shot by Hamas, but the ball went wide.

Five minutes later, Anastasiou's team missed a big chance with Stepinski making the save in the 19th minute after a pass from Alium, but the ball hit Susic and after VAR intervention, the APOEL defender was given a hand and a penalty for Omonia. The execution was carried out by Stepinski, who in the 22nd minute executed accurately and made it 1-0 for the “greens”.

Then APOEL, having the data against him, had to step up to threaten and that's what he did. Sa Pinto's team reacted after the 30th minute, missing some chances with long shots or some headers, but they were not able to threaten Fabiano's goal in particular, with Omonia controlling 1-0 in their favor.

In the last minutes of the first half, APOEL kept more of the ball, but without substance and thus Omonia went to the locker room with 1-0 in their favor.

Second half

In the second half, APOEL naturally came out stronger and kept the ball longer, looking for a goal to equalize the match.

On the other hand, Omonia's plan was clear, as it defended and tried to hit mainly on the counter-attacks.

Sa Pinto's team was better in the second half, but it was difficult to threaten the home of Sa Pinto with classic opportunities and mainly tried with some shots from outside the area to score.

In the 59th minute, Donis threatened with a long shot, but Fabiano saved, while in the 68th minute, Dongala missed a big chance in the area that made the set-piece, but Fabiano said “no”, keeping the score 1-0 in favor of Omonia. A minute later, APOEL threatened again with Zefte with a long shot, but again Fabiano pushed away.

Omonoia then managed to limit APOEL more and hit on the counterattack as well, as in the 73' Bakic inside the area, made the spot kick, but Fabiano collected.

In the last ten minutes, APOEL rose more and looked for an equaliser. In the 87th minute, a double chance was lost for the “blue and yellow” with a shot by Donis, which was blocked by Fabiano and later in the phase, the Brazilian goalkeeper said “no” to Ephraim's header.

Until the end of the match nothing changed and Omonia managed to keep the 1-0 in their favor, getting a big win.


APOEL: Belets, Dvali, Vital, Cepak ( 82' Maioli), Susic (82' Cipriano), Dalsio, Tomane, Markinios (82' Ephraim), Konstantinov (24' Vijafanes), Etongala, Mehri (54' Donis)

On the bench: Christodoulou, Karamanolis, Fouaz, Wilson, Satsias, Sarfo, Vrontis

Omonia: Fabiano, Mathews, Koulibali, Panagiotou, Hamas (71' Cipriano), Simic (83' Kakoullis), Kousoulos, Charalambous (71' Bashirou). , Allium, Bezus, Stepinski (71'Bakic).

On the bench: Uzoho, Papastylianou, Psaltis, Kasama, Franson, Leciaks, Lang, Miletic.

Scorer: /22' Stepinski (pen.)

Dismissals: /

Referee: Schnyder Urs Dominik
VAR: Prontera Alessandro

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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