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Omonia : Final … nightmare

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Lost 3-0 to “Paphos FC” after a tragic performance

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Final … nightmare for Omonia today at GSP, where a dream finale awaited. Everything went wrong and upside down KAI through her own fault. In a title match, she was present. He rightly lost to “Paphos FC” with a score of 3-0. Wide, unexpected and not at all honorable for Omonia and its history in a final.

What the people of Omonia saw (and couldn't believe their eyes) tonight at the stadium of the capital was unfortunately for him but mostly for the team he loves, truly. Where they expected the “clover” to reach a ceiling, it reached… a bottom. Several Omonia fans – justifiably – could not bear to see the sad events and left the stadium before the end of the match.

Yes, players are entitled to a bad performance, but when it happens in the most crucial match, it is heavy on the world. And it costs a lot. The loss upset people mainly because of the way the team entered the field and the way they… didn't react. In the end, it turns out that there was a feeling of false readiness. The truth is that what we saw tonight in the game, nobody expected it. “Paphos FC” walk was not seen by the Paphites neither in their wildest dreams, nor in their worst nightmares by the Omoniates.

The party of the cup winner started early with the penalty of Tankovcs (3' in the hands of Hamas after a hint from the VAR). Omonia's reaction was not just a reaction. He held the ball limply (60 percent possession with Semedo as the only safe edge), without any final effort. At the same time, he was vulnerable to every opponent's attack. Paphos FC scored twice with Dragomir 36' Pedro 40' while Uzoho – who made a wrong pass in the second goal – made 3 saves!

But the show had come to an end. The second part was done …to be done. Clouded Omonia couldn't stand for anything more than to lose. 65 percent possession says absolutely nothing.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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