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Omonia fought hard ισε won 166,000 and many more

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Omonia fought hard ισε won 166,000 and many more

Omonia fought hard enough against Basel to become the first Cypriot team to win the Europa Conference League, but eventually remained at 1-1 for the 4th game of the tournament, and with this result the last hopes of qualifying vanished.

The greens took the lead early, just in the 16th minute, with Kakoullis receiving the ball from Gometh, escaping from his opponent in an impressive way and with a shot scoring an impressive goal to make it 1-0. Omonia kept this valuable goal and in the 57th minute asked for a penalty kick to overthrow Kakoulis, but the Russian referee Vitaly Meskov had the opposite opinion.

In the continuation of the phase, and while the protests on the part of the Nicosia team continued, the guests went on the counterattack and Millar who was the final recipient of the ball with a shot defeated Ouzohos to come to 1-1. This was to be the final result, despite the efforts of both teams afterwards (Basel had a goal in 82 'with Cabral).

Thus, Omonia left the game with one point, but more important is the very good performance it made in a difficult period. In addition, the greens put 166,000 euros in their coffers, which is given as a bonus by UEFA for winning the Conference League groups.

The evolution of the struggle

End of the game

82 ′ – DOKARI. After the corner kick, Cabral won the head with the ball hitting the crossbar and in the return new head from Lang collected Ujoho

81 ′ – Shot by Joelson, Ujoho fell and drove to a corner

76 '- Place of Frey, the ball goes out

69 '- Shot by Douris, the ball hits Zachariou who was offside

66 '- Shot by Tzionis, the ball goes out

64 ′ – Gometh tried to score from a distance (s.s. as he had done last year against Eindhoven), for a while he does not find a target

57 ′ – GOAL. 1-1. In the continuation of the phase, Basel was in the area of Omonia and Millar with a shot defeats Ouzoho

57 '- Tavares overthrows Kakoulis, but the referee seems to continue the game

51 ′ – Uzoho saved in the shot made by Males

Start of the second half

End of the first half

45'- After a corner, the ball exploded in the heart of the Omonia area with Fabiano falling and collecting in front of Cabral

35′- Chamert tries from a distance, Fabiano falls and picks up

16 ′ – GOAL. 1-0. Kakoullis received the ball, after a ball by Gometh, escaped from his opponent in an impressive way and with a shot sent the ball into the net to score an excellent goal

8 '- Kasami's shot, found the ball somewhere and went to Fabiano

1 ′ – Start of the match

OMONIA: Fabiano (46 ′ Ouzoho), Psaltis, Hubutsan, Panagiotou (15 ′ Lang), Kiko, Charalambous (67 ′ Diskrud), Gometh, Zachariou, Atiemwen (46 ′ Tzionis), Kakoullis

KINGDOM: Lindner, Lang, Chammert, Pelmart, Tavares (61 ′ Petretta), Kasami (46 ′ Palacios), Berger (46 ′ Males), Frey, Edoi (55 ′ Zoelson), Millar, Cabral

SCORER: 16 ′ Kakoullis / 57 ′ Millar

YELLOWS: 26 ′ Hubbochan / 60 ′ Zoelson, 65 σ Sommert

* In the 59th minute, Henning Berg received a yellow card for protests

REFEREE: Vitaly Meskov (Russia)

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