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Omonia fought it, but it was difficult…

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Omonia fought it, but it was difficult…

epa09537328 Omonoia's Michal Duris, left, fights for the ball against Basel's Andy Pelmarda, right, during the UEFA Conference League group H soccer match between FC Basel 1893 and Omonoia Nicosia at the St. Jakob-Park stadium in Basel, Switzerland, 21 October 2021. EPA / GEORGIOS KEFALAS

Omonia fought it in “St. Jakob-Park “against Basel, but left with a 3-1 defeat, in the third match of the Conference League groups, in a game that had the support of about 1200 fans in the stands.

The greens, who appeared quite changed, in relation to the match with Apollo with Henning Berg making six changes, started the game demanding and created 2-3 good opportunities.

Nevertheless, in the 19th minute, they found themselves back in the score in Basel's first offensive attempt. After a nice combination, the ball reached Kasami who made the play from the side with the ball on the crossbar and in the rebound Millar made it 1-0.

However, Omonia's response came quickly from a well-aimed penalty kick given to overthrow Cepovic by Kovert in the 27th minute. Gomez took the responsibility of execution, who was accurate, bringing the game to a draw (1-1).

The hosts, however, managed to get their heads in the score again, since in the 41st minute, the French referee Stephanie Frapar showed the white ball for Gometh's hand. Cabral defeated Ujoho and came 2-1.

At the start of the second half, Henning Berg made four changes, with Omonia still claiming and in 76 ′ he could do the damage again, but Kakoullis, who was alone, could not make an ideal finish after the cross of Kiko and the great opportunity was lost.

Finally, Basel, who had a goal in the 85th minute with Palacios, scored a third goal in the 88th minute, when after a mistake by Kiko in the quick counterattack, the ball reached Ziegrova who finished the phase and came to 3-1.

After the results of the match, Basel reached the seven points that Karabakh has, which prevailed with 2-1 over Kairat, while the latter, like Omonia, remained with a score of one point.

The evolution of the struggle

End of the race

88 ′ – GOAL. 3-1. After a mistake by Kiko, Basel went on the counterattack and Ziegrova with an ideal place made it 3-1.

85′- BEAM. Shot by Palacios, Ujoho hit the ball he found and on the crossbar

76 '- Kiko's cross, Kakoulis – who was in front of the goalkeeper – could not make a good finish and missed the opportunity

69 '- Douris, from outside the area, made the shot with the ball going over the crossbar

53 ′ – In the hands of Lindner the place of Douris

52 '- Uzoho falls and punches the shot made, from a side position, by Ziegrova

48 ′ – Great rebound from Uzoho who spread his foot and saved his home in the shot of Males

47 '- Cabral made a shot, in the hands of Ujoho the ball

Start of the second half

End of the first half

41 ′ – 2-1. GOAL. Cabral sends the ball to the right, Ujoho falls to the left and Basel again in front of the score.

40 '- Penalty is given for Basel for Gomez's hand (the decision seems wrong)

36 ′ – Shot by Cabral, Ujoho fell and drove it towards the center of the area, with Letsiaks chasing in a corner in front of an opponent

31 ′ – Strong shot from Cabral, Ujoho with fists sent it to a corner

30 ′ – At 63% -37% the possession of the ball

27 '- GOAL. 1-1. Gomez sends the ball to the center, the goalkeeper fell, and the ball ends up in the net for a draw.

26 ′ – Penalty for Omonia in overthrow of Cepovic by Komert

22΄- Ziegrova made the shot from a distance, in the hands of Uzoho the ball

19′- GOAL. 1-0. In its first offensive attempt, Basel opens the score. Her players combined extremely well, with the ball reaching Kasami who made the play from the side, Ouzoho tried to repel and the ball found the crossbar. In the rebound he ended up with Millar who sent the ball into the net from close range

8 ′ – After a corner, the ball reached Dickerund who made the shot with the ball hitting a defender and going again to a corner

4 ′ – Counterattack from Omonia, the ball reached Letsiaks who made the shot, outside the area, but it was missed

1 ′ – Start of the match

Basel: Lintner, Lang, Komert, Pelmart, Tavares, Kassam, Frei (62 'Kouintilia) Ziegkrova (89' Stoker) Males (89 'Espasito), Millar (72' Entogie), Cabral (72 'Palacios)

OMONIA : Ouzoho, Letsiaks (46 ′ Kiko), Panagiotou, Lang, Psaltis, Diskerud (46 ΄ Sehou), Tzionis, Gometh (46 ′ Basirou), Loizou (66 Π Papoulis), ποepovic (46 τού Kakou)

SCORER: 19 ′ Millar, 41 εν pen. Cabral, 88 ′ Ziegrova / 27 ′ pen. Gometh

YELLOWS : – / 40 ′ Gomez, 90 + 2 ′ Douris

* At 74 Ο, Omonia coach Henning Berg received a yellow card for protests.

REFEREE : Stefani Frapar (France)

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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