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Omonia: Papastavrou resigned

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Ομονοια: Παραιτorθηκε ο Παπαστ αύρου

Stavros Papastavrou dropped a bomb… who announced his resignation from the presidency of the Omonia company!

In his statements on the official channel of the “greens”, the former president of the team informed that he will not continue in his post, while he even asked the union to find the right people to continue in the club's company.

< h3 class="bd_Title">His statements:

His initial comment: “As I said, I want to address the world of Omonia directly. I want to apologize for this disruption these past 18 months. I want to inform that it is with a heavy heart that I am resigning from the Omonia company. I believe it is the same with her world, since we want her to grow up within borders and in Europe with discrimination. The reason I took this difficult decision is because after 18 months of continuous meetings – talks they did not reach an agreement. I hope that in the five years that I was in Omonia we had the successes that the world of Omonia deserves. I believe that in the five years of presence the team was the most successful team in Cyprus”.

I thank the world for it: “We wanted to do something more, but as you know, football in Cyprus has become very competitive. I know a lot of people have said a lot of negative things about me and my partners. Every day we worked “hard” and with thousands of hours for the team's goals. Thank you again to the Omoniaites in Cyprus and around the world for the opportunity you have given me to lead this huge Association. We and Dimitris Grigoris will leave the team”.

About the union: “About 18 months ago, I asked the union to change the existing agreement. It's not in my character to change deals that I do, but the reason it happened is that the union offered someone else a different deal with better terms than the deal with me. When I heard that I felt that since I achieved so much in Omonia with my partners, spent so much money, reduced the debt of the Association, the least they could do is to give me similar or better terms than someone who did not offer in Omonia”.

Why he resigned: “Trust was lost somewhere, at least I know what I did, what I showed, and I will be there if we could make an agreement for the next few years. I just wanted there to be a security, if I wanted to sell my shares, to be able to sell them without the union coming back and doing the same thing 18 months ago, that is to change the agreements”.

On whether he will remain a shareholder: “The existing agreement provides for another 5 years and we can for another 5 and another 5. Yes, I will remain a shareholder in the company. There is no one at the moment who will buy Omonia. Yes, everyone is talking, talking big about many things… I will remain as a shareholder in the company for the next 5 years, then I can leave or stay.

On the debt to the person of : “The company owes money, but all the money is owed to me personally. This debt is somewhere around 15-16 million”.

On the difficulty of finding someone else like him: “I will not look to find someone for my shares, because I don't believe anyone will be found. Because, bad lies, in order for someone to take over Omonia, he has to put 4-5 million out of his pocket a year. The only one who exists today is me. I was ready to keep putting money into Omonia, but the agreement had to be changed in order to have security and I'm building something that will create value in the long run”.

About Jesper Jansson: “We chose the sports director and another one from the union to interview him and tell us his opinion. Now the sports director himself learns about the departure. We have a closed football player of the difference as you say. It's closed. It will be announced by the company's new staff”.

On his decision to leave: “The above reasons are personal, they did not want Stavros Papastavrou to be there and build on the vision I wanted. They didn't want me to continue. It was not for the good of Omonia, in recent years we were able to bring some successes, Omonia was the most successful year in the last 5 years”.

On the “wreck” with the stadium: “The vision for the stadium was wrecked and I can't build a stadium in Omonia, since I'm not active. If we had an agreement, in 5 years Omonia would have a stadium”.

On not finding the “golden” intersection: “Until a few hours ago, we were trying to find a point of contact with the union. We had this interview and I didn't know what to say. The union didn't come to tell me anything… I don't feel that there is a change of opinion, I don't see it changing. It's definitely a sensitive term, but I felt like they would show me more confidence. They knew that today I will resign and they did not come to say that we will withdraw the veto and put another 10-20 equal criteria. We asked them, but they didn't send us a single criterion”.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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