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Omonia: The 5 “weapons” for the semi-final

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The record of team assets

Ομόνοια: Τα 5 «όπλα» για τον ημι&tau ;ελικo

The big match is approaching. On the 26th of this month, Omonoia lines up in the cup rematch (1-1 in the first match) against Paphos FC with only one goal.

The victory – qualification to the final of the institution for the second time consecutive year. The “greens” are determined and betting on their own “weapons”, to pass another high hurdle and enter the duo.

Thirst for the trophy

< p>This year's bad year has left only winning the cup as a distinction, but also as an alleviation of the multiple wounds that were created. A title does not change the competitive facts of the league, but it leads to a different finale that will relieve the players (and the world) psychologically. They are in great need of this refreshment after such a soul-destroying year.

Well, Omonia really needs the cup trophy (there is such a thing as thirst), of course, not only for reasons of soothing the wounds, but also for reasons for recording history. Or if you want further enrichment of the jealous in the content of the trophy case that it has.

The selfishness of the players

The players this year were not only questioned, but also criticized for their image by the world of Omonia and by the sports fans in general. And we are not only referring to players who came this year, but also players who in previous years had a high level of performance. The decline was clearly due to the fact that the team was built incorrectly, but there is also the responsibility of the players. Clearly, they will want to prove that they deserve something better than what they have shown all year. And Wednesday's match is a great opportunity for this.

The weight of the jersey

The players of Omonia play in a great team that has learned to star and win titles. A team that enters the field, not just to face each opponent but to beat them and continue their journey with the distinction that means …title. Nothing less, nothing more. Because, simply, that's her dna. The players who compete in it have to carry the huge weight of the jersey they wear. And this burden works both ways. It gives strength to the wearer, but at the same time puts a lot of pressure on the opponent.

The…green GSP

The power that the team will draw from the crowd in this particular match is enormous. 16,500 people from Omonia reserved a place for the stadium and the GSP will be … green. Five days before the big match, the tickets have become “leaf and feather”! A green lava is ready on the 26th of the month to pour out and cover the night sky of Nicosia, dragging the players to victory. The boost that will be given to the players in the effort they will make is indeed of great magnitude. So that we don't write what we want and become graphic… the world never plays ball by itself. The people … play ball, if they first see and understand that the team is doing this. It is the transmitter, receiver relationship. Which is not only the case in football.

Overall, the team of the shamrocks has recently shown stability in its image in every match, excluding of course the games with Aris and AEK. By tapping into its consistency and homogeneity, with specific roles for each player, Omonia may well find a way to get what it wants and wants in its game. As he has done. Leaving – I repeat – behind her the matches with Aris and AEK.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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