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Omonia: The admission of failure and changes

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Stavros Papastavrou said a lot, but the world is waiting for how the team will be restructured

Ομονοια: Η παραδοχor της α&pi

Stavros Papastavrou was specific on several issues in his interview today. And revealing in others. It is to his credit that he admitted failure. It's also a positive that…he's coming forward. But on one issue he left things hanging. Let's go into more detail…

His position on Jesper Jansson, (behavior, facts, lack of trust), was specific and revealing. Specific was his position on Fabiano (if he wants to stay). His positions on the five-year renewal of the cooperation with Primetel and on (from the new season) the start of the operation of a privately owned television channel from Omonia were also specific. The last two placements were also news for the team's audience (and not only). His stance on the loan of Loizos Loizos was specific. That is to say, Omonia has no substantial benefit from this. Instead he pays him to play for another team!

The President, being specific again, admitted the failure of the last three years (ok, this year is not over yet), in general terms, as he said. Yes, it is indeed so (in general) because the failure was not literal, since there were cups, and Europe. In other words the president said that “our performance did not reliably meet expectations”.

I write it differently. He wanted an effort to make the model team of 1919-21 what it is today. This was done by the people who ran the design and delivered every summer and winter a … lean roster. They are certainly not today's chaos team, but they are not a championship team, nor of course a model team.

The president was specific in his position that he will be more involved in the daily work, in the daily responsibilities of Omonia. This is very positive because he will have his own opinion on matters that his close associates have so far conveyed to him according to their own judgment and perception. Now his own judgment and perception will speak.

Not specific

Where the president was not specific was in his stance on the changes that will be made. He said: “They will be made across the organisation. We will change. To be clear, it is not a change of persons, it is a change of tasks, procedures, it is all that now that I am more involved in the daily life of Omonia, we will change the way we work in general at all levels and all people will be more responsible in their positions. There will be more responsibility from everyone who works in the Omonia organization and thus everyone will be judged according to what they do or don't do”.

People expect the best, hoping that with the changes that will be made the proverb that says “Manolios also changed and changed his clothes” will be verified. The world is waiting for the map of changes that will lay the groundwork to reshape this team into a championship team. He waits and anxiously indeed.

PS Omonia is again looking for a technical director. As in the design of the last three years, it fails in TD. If he continues like this, he will change technical managers, like cafeterias change waiters.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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