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Omonia: The difficult case of Fotis Kitsos

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He wants the 'clover' player, but…

Ομoνοια: Η δyσκολη περiπτωση του Φoτη Κiτσου

Fotis Kitsos is a talented child who belongs to Olympiakos Piraeus, he is an executive of the Greek National U21 team and has shown with his presence that he is useful to Omonia, who wishes to continue working with him. Chances are, he wants it too. But the one who will decide on the immediate future of the player is Olympiacos. The reports in Greece change the trope every now and then for the player and it seems things will continue like this until there is a conclusion.

This is because at the moment there is no decision from Olympiakos, which not only has Fotis Kitsos to think about but also the few other cases of players it has been collecting in recent years – child molestation or not – for its own reasons. However, of all those he has collected in recent years, very few have progressed to this particular team. (Let us recall only the Cypriot cases that go by the names Konstantinos Laifis and Ioannis Kostis). With what Olympiacos is doing, – culminating in last year's allalum in design – it might not be an option for every young person who wants to make a career.

Because it has created a disgusting design tactic. All this surrounding creates irregular conditions for many footballers who basically do not know what is dawning on them. They move between loan and Olympiakos B'. Whether there is a plan for all these players who have gathered, no one knows. However, from what we can see – certainly from the outside – there is no such thing. It is … whatever arises depending on the moment. This simply means that an official strike from Omonia to Olympiakos for the player is likely to be of no concern to anyone. Of course, if a decision is made to keep the player on the Olympiakos roster, then there is no question of discussion.

As you remember, there was for Omonia last year too…a joke (we say now) with Olympiakos. It was the case of Maxi Lovera who also created scenarios with the player initially interested in Aris Thessaloniki and finally closing in Ionikos on August 23, 2022, i.e. three days before the start of our own league (it started on August 26, 2022) and three days after the start of the Super League which started on August 20, 2022. Of course, last year Kitsos was announced by Omonia on August 31, 2022. But last year for Omonia is an example to avoid. Certainly not for the case of Fotis Kitsos, but for the excessive and extremely irritating delay that occurred in the aid aspect. And to be precise, Kitsos ..sat. The main goal was different. PAOK's Marios Tsaousis.

For the time being, the attractive destination for Fotis Kitso in the sense that it is a good opportunity to continue the path of progress – because that is exactly what the player wants – playing in Europe as well is Concord. He will be on a trajectory where he will be able to take the next step in his career.

Omonoia, which is obliged to make its plan within a certain period of time – the first matches of the second qualifying round of the Conference League are held on July 27 – it will hardly wait for a team, especially Olympiakos.

The case of the young Helladite is difficult. However, if Omonia manages to keep him, it will be a very good move for them.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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