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Omonia: The roster limits and the sudden trouble

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In a period when the potential is unbearably pressed and the scotura

Ομόνοια: Τα όρια του ρόστερ κ αι ο ξαφνικoς μπελaς

By Petros Papagiorgis

In the matches with Ethniki and Othello, Omonia did not perform as expected from a team that plays the lead, but it produced a competitive identity made of steel and in the end came out victorious. (In two consecutive matches for the first time this year in the league).

This fact leaves her on high, maintains the momentum that exists in the green building, boosts self-confidence and preserves the feeling of (restrained) optimism for the difficult continuation. At the moment, Omonia is fully focused on the goal (in general) and (specifically) on the upcoming away match against Nea Salamina, where they will seek their third consecutive victory. Today begins the preparation for this match.

But as time passes and the season progresses – naturally – the roster is subjected to more difficult tests. That is, under greater pressure (the same happens with all teams). Increasing the degree of difficulty lies in the fact that there are more cards and injuries that create absences and by extension problems for the coach.

At the moment Omonia is subject to a great test and is called upon to cope. Charalambos Charalambous and Saidu Alioum completed a prohibited number of cards and Sofronis Augusti will be called upon to decide when they will serve the sentence of their punishment. Against Nea Salamina (away) or Karmiotissa (inside).

Yannis Kousoulos and Adam Matthews left injured in the match against Othello, The fact that their coach estimated that they will be available for the match against Nea Salamina is not a guarantee for that Andronikos Kakoullis and Veliko Simic have an injury problem and their situation will be reassessed.

In the middle of all this was added a scotura that came…suddenly. At a difficult moment when the whole green camp must be completely focused on how to proceed with a steady pace towards the goal…the issue of Loizou Loizou arises.

His exclusion from Friday's match was discussed and is still being discussed. The Greens did not give more details and through the press representative Andreas Dimitriou it was said that they want to handle the whole matter internally. It goes without saying that the silence sparks various scenarios with the internet's legion of idiots at its mercy. However, information indicates that this is an issue of a financial nature.

The player has addressed a relevant request to the administration, which does not take kindly to such a possibility, while a climate of dissatisfaction has been created towards the player's face for this energy. Discontent, which according to the indications has to do with his exclusion from the mission. We remind you that the player trained normally on the eve of the match. And his request was made before Friday.

Omonia has gaps that can be seen in the games that the team has played so far, despite its satisfactory scoring harvest. Gaps, which limit its potential, while currently as it stands the roster's strength is being tested with the world waiting for the January transfer window for substance reinforcement.

The currently combative players – and the coach who will manage them – they will have to show character and present a team as it becomes more competitive. In the difficult environment we mentioned above (especially stressful conditions for a roster not known for its depth).

Environment, made even more difficult by the issue that arose with Loizo Loizou. An unexpected trouble, irritating for everyone and even at a bad timing. A worse moment could not be chosen by the footballer. This trouble must be overcome as soon as possible with the least possible cost to the team.

Come on Omonia let's see…

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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