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Omonia: The upgrade of the roster structure

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Very positive move for Veliko Simic

Ομόνοια: Η αναβαθμιση της δομorς του ρoστερ

A point of reference was for Omonias, in previous years, the arrhythmia that showed in the completion of the transfer planning.

Either due to the absence of a person who would coordinate things, either because there was no proper plan, or because … he was losing time due to the pressure, the problem was a problem. The failure was then captured from the moment when in practice “coal is the treasure”.

These seem to have been lessons learned and this year Omonia worked more rationally in this part. This phenomenon is probably related to the presence of Sports Director Jesper Jansson.

Omonoia has completed five – to be precise – transfers so far, on the eve of the first official match, showing good reflexes but could it's even better.

And theoretically he needs two more, (a forward and a midfielder), in order to have completeness in the roster for the marathon of the championship. We said, in theory. Because in practice everything can change along the way. The reference is made to the numerical reinforcement because the quality of the footballers is another chapter. This will open when players go up to the …stage. And we'll have to see one, two, or three performances to judge.

The inclusion of Veliko Simic was greeted with enthusiasm by the world of Omonia who see in the face of the Serb a footballer who has the ability to help the team in its leading goals. He is a player who, based on his resume, is now at the peak of his career. We remind you that just last January he played for the first time in the National team. He is quick and plays on both ends, leaning inside as well but (he also plays) in midfield as a number ten. He is an attacking midfielder – multi-tool.

He meets Willy Semedos, Karim Ansarifard, Loizos Loizou, Andronikos Kakoullis in the central attacking area of ​​action. Players with quality who can do many things on the pitch in various roles assigned to them Like himself.

Ansarifard plays and …pivot in attack, Semedo also plays ten, (played in Alki match ), Kakoulis also plays on the extremes. With these data, Sofronis Augustis can make… a game with flexibility of options, or the offensive line as a whole increases its strength compared to last year.

Let's not forget the height. Semedo's height is added to that of Ansarifard. And let's also not forget the impact force that will come. He is expected to be a quick forward who can take the ball, run and box into the area. It goes without saying that everyone should develop a good level of communication with each other on the pitch. With the addition of Simic to its team, Omonia is aggressively increasing its speed. Both literally and figuratively.

In defense, the entry of Sene Koulibaly and Marquinios Cipriano gives height (this concerns Koulibaly) and speed. And more pressure on Yann Lejiax. (The same goes for Marquinios Cipriano).

The midfield needs a player in an eight (primarily) and ten role to improve the creativity of the line and raise the energy. in the field.

So we have an Omonia in roster upgrade with all the good that entails. We repeat. It's all down to theory at the moment.

The structure

The team's roster structure is currently as follows: Goalkeepers Fabiano Ribeiro , Francis Uzoho, Konstantinos Panagi, Charalambos Kyriakides.

In defense, Adam Matthews, Paris Psaltis Nikolas Kyriakides (right) Nemanja Miletić, Adam Lang, Nikolas Panagiotou Sene Koulibaly (stopper) Gian Letziaks, Markinios Cipriano ( left).

Fouad Bassirou, Yiannis Kousoulos, Moreto Kasama, Roman Bezous, Charalambos Charalambous in the center.

At the ends of the attack Loizos Loizou, Willi Semedo, Panagiotis Zachariou, Veliko Simic and Karim Ansarifard, Andronikos Kakoullis.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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