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Omonia: To exploit the green “gold”

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The hiring of Chris Rutter and the talent there

Ομονοια: Να εκμεταλευτετ ;οπρσνοσφι»Yesterday's announcement of the hiring of Steve Rutter, who will assume the role of Technical Director at the Academies, is part of the continuation of the good operation and efficiency of the green Academies. From one point of view, the news brings the issue of the Academies back to the fore in the sense that this was the first move regarding the academies since the new way of functioning of the football organization of Omonia. </strong></p>
<p>As for the new recruit who is the choice of Yannis Anastasiou, we notice that he has a satisfactory background. From then on, he will be judged by the result of his work.</p>
<p>Regarding the newly hired person who is the choice of Yannis Anastasiou, we notice that he has a satisfactory background</p>
<p>We have often referred in a positive way to the work done in the green academies. This work is not based on stories, but on facts. Promotion and promotion of players such as Andronikos Kakoullis, Loizos Loizos, Hambos Charalambous, Marinos Tzionis in conditions of claiming and conquering high goals.</p>
<p>It is a fact that the flow of promotion has not been as desired since the departure of Henning Berg, but in the past year … something has happened.  Panagiotis Andreou had 3 participations in the championship, Tahsin Ozler two participations in the Cup and Konstantinos Pantelis had several participations in missions in various matches. The keeper Sotiris Kelepesiis also participated in missions.</p>
<p>But this picture is far from the team's repeatedly expressed goals in relation to the promotion of youngsters from 2018 onwards. It is noted that the first three children were included in the top eleven of the Cablenet U-19 A' Division Youth Championship for the past season (The “PASP BEST 11 U19 A' DIVISION AWARDS 2023/24” organized by the Pancypriot Footballers' Association), The best line-up was determined by votes of team captains, coaches and the Cablenet Sports press team.</p>
<p>Besides these children there are others who come from further down. Like for example Angelos Neophytou (as everything seems to be returning from Sassuolo), Andreas Nikolaou, Chrysis Evangelou.</p>
<p>The talent in Omonia is flowing abundantly, the coaches are doing a good job, while the green Academies have become a pole of attraction for the children, because of the successes. The children who come out in the vestibule of the first team are excellent football players. <strong>What they need are opportunities, along with guidance and psychological support to spread their wings.</strong>  The problem is in the transition from K19 to the men's team. This is where work needs to be done (of course, this is not just a problem for Omonia). This is the area that the general manager Giannis Anastasiou and the English Technical Director of the Academies are asked to improve.  Certainly, and they don't need my own arrays to spot the issue. But their obligation is to work to fix things. That's what we're waiting to see.</p>
<p> I don't consider myself naive or graphic. Things are very difficult with the 17 foreigners who were voted in by the agents of the teams who…shit what will happen to the little ones and the national team for which they are hypocritically cut. </p>
<p>However, Omonia has shown through action that it can take the other path, defining its future by promoting young people and staffing it to a satisfactory degree with the local element.</p>
<p >Let her take advantage of the green “gold”, implementing her proclamations. </p>
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