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Omonia: Unsung hero… Bashiru

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The 33-year-old midfielder from Comoros was the catalyst for another game

Ομoνοια: Αφανorς orρωας ο… Μπ&alpha ;σιροy

Omonia celebrated the big qualification to the cup final for the second year in a row, as it beat Paphos in the GSP with 3-1. The team of Sofroni Augustis presented itself worthy of expectations, reaching a great qualification against an extremely quality opponent. None of the football players was left behind, while the world of “greens” highlighted Ansfarifard as MVP. Nevertheless, the name of Fouad Bashirou cannot be absent from the discussion about the top.

The 33-year-old midfielder from the Comoros was a catalyst for another game. Lots of runs in the center area, winning duels and correct passes. He was the player who managed to spoil Salgado's plan with attacks from the central axis, essentially closing the spaces there, while at the same time he helped by offering coverage to the wing defenders and not only when they came out to the opposing third to attack.

Generally in the Sofroni era and the crucial games of the cup, Bashirou was one of the players who stood out with their performance, while even if the spotlight is usually on the footballers who score (or even offer offensively), the 33-year-old midfielder made the difference.

In his palmare you will not find the elaborate dribbles, the offensive energy that will arouse, nor the goals with the scoop. Yet Bashiru runs, tackles, covers space, puts his foot to the fire and contributes to the maximum extent. After all, for every action by Ansarifard, every step up by Leciaks in the opposing third, every attempt by Meeks in the opposing area, you need the player who will act as a “broom” when the opponent looks for the empty spaces.

The however, discussion of Bashiru contains another chapter. His contract with Omonia ends this summer, and therefore developments are expected soon in the “green camp”.

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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