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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Omonia: With increased options and unaffected by the administration…

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Omonia: With increased options and unaffected by the administration…

The developments regarding the administration of Omonia are running at a fast pace. The consultations between Stavros Papastavros and John Christodoulou are in progress and in fact substantial developments will occur soon. The president of the Greens can proceed with the sale of his shares on November 30, ie 3.5 years after June 2018.

Apart from the discussions between the two sides, the match must and must remain unaffected. The scoring position and the competitive presence of the “clover” so far has signaled an alarm to the team of the capital, which is called to improve and climb the scoreboard.

The good news for Henning Berg is that he will have increased options for Sunday's derby with Apollon. Basirou-Diskerut are returning, while the only absentees will be the injured Kousoulos-Boteak and the punished Sehou. Psaltis will remain at the end of the defense, while Diskerut will return to the center, with his partner Panagiotou.

What is required for Omonia is nothing but a return to victories. Especially in a derby game, a possible victory will restore calm and confidence in “Elias Pullos”. That best, before a new marathon in Cyprus and Europe.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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