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Omonia's realistic goals and the pitch issue

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 Οι ρεαλιστι&kappa ;οΙ στόχοι της Ομόνοιας και το θΕμα του γηπeδου

What the press representative of Omonia, Andreas Dimitriou, said to SPOR FM.

– GAME WITH PAPHOS:The final whistle left us with a bitter taste as we felt we didn't get what we really could have from the game. We didn't start the match as we expected and in the first half Paphos created their only good chance of the game with a header on the post. We finally found the goal at the end of the first half with a nice combination and a nice finish from Simic and we went to the dressing room with ideal feelings. At the start of the second half we missed a penalty – something that happens in football and is part of the game – but the team kept their composure and we controlled the tempo without being in danger. The equalizer from Paphos came not from an organized attack, but from a chase by the Paphos defender who found us off balance and with a dose of luck in the shot it became 1-1. Then came the period of time that made us feel like we finally did ourselves a disservice with the end result. With the changes the team became more aggressive, the crowd kept pushing the team, we shut down Paphos in half the pitch and created great chances, but we couldn't get the second goal. The end result is what it is and we have to move on.

– THE RATING DATA:Last week we said that now in this final phase of the season, what happens on the pitch is much more important. And finally, the past matchday fully confirmed it. Think how different things could have been if some moments in last weekend's games had turned out differently. A final pass for a goal instead of a missed shot, a well-placed penalty, a missed chance that could with more care have been a goal, might have shaped the situation differently than it is today. The balance is so delicate in this league that the details now make a big difference. Also, the other fact that seems to stand out is that the harvest of the teams during the regular season of the championship is the one that shapes the scoring data so far. For example, OMONOIA and AEK are the teams that got the most points in the play-off phase and yet we are -7 from the top and AEK -4. So – if we only talk about UNITY – yes, we also pay for some unexpected losses that we had in regular season games. But these are the facts, they were shaped by the efforts of the teams on the pitch, so the only way for us is to look ahead and try – with all our might – to make the best of the remaining games. We recognize the great effort made by the team and the will it shows to offer the world joy this year. We hope this becomes possible.

– THE GOALS WE CHASED: After the results of the last race, it became more difficult to claim the big turnaround that we were talking about in the previous period. The most realistic goals that we expect the team to claim with all its strength are the places in Europe and the cup. But we see our struggles one by one. Now we have Mars for the championship and that's where we turn our attention. Each race is different, so we'll see how this weekend's races play out and discuss this again.

– THE RACE WITH MARS: It is a very important match for us as we know that with a win we will be in the European positions. Therefore the path is clear. It is expected to be another high-intensity match, where once again the details will play a decisive role. We have the opportunity, at home, to give it our all to move up in the standings. It will take a lot of effort again. It is true that the team makes a great effort, especially in the play-off phase where they are first in the special standings. We were close to getting even better results and we hope that this time we will succeed in front of our crowd, whose dedication to the team is truly impressive.

– COMPETITIONS: Matthews had a muscle strain during the match against Paphos. It does not appear to be a serious injury, he trained individually today and his condition will be assessed daily. He is doubtful for the championship game against Aris. Cipriano had a sprained ankle, today he trained normally and if he gets through the week without problems he will be available to the coach. The injured Adam Lang will be out. The rest of the players are at the disposal of the coach. Giannis Kousoulos will serve his one-game suspension from yellow cards in the match with Anorthosis. of this and not to take as given information that may come from third parties or as a form of information/rumors. As we have stated several times, the President and the Administration will inform the public about the stadium issue when they feel the time is right.

MESSAGE TO THE WORLD: We are very grateful to people who for another game were massively on the side of the team. The crowd was one of the main reasons why the team pressed Paphos in the final 15 minutes and could have cruised to victory. Now we have another crucial match ahead of us and the team needs him by their side again. His presence will be very important again and we hope that the team will make him happy with the final result.

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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