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On a pan-Cypriot basis, the All-Day High School is being implemented from the new year

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The extension of the implementation of All-Day High School on a pan-Cypriot basis from the new year was announced by the Minister of Education, Sports and Youth (YPAN), Prodromos Prodromou, at a press conference on Friday at the Ministry of Education.

< p>Initially, the Minister clarified that the expansion of the operation of the All-Day High School on a pan-Cypriot basis, concerns one high school in each city, in a trial operation, while he also presented the information form, which is already available to parents in primary schools as well as parents with the registration of their children in the first grade of the Gymnasium.

Afterwards, he stated that after “the successful operation and the very positive results at the All-Day School of interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary learning at the Pancypriot High School”, and “after the very good results and the operation this year of the same type of High School on a trial basis also at the Laniteo High School in Limassol”, it was decided that from next year, All-Day School will operate in the Nikolaideo High School in Paphos, the Paralimni High School and the Evryviadeo High School in Larnaca.

Mr. Prodromou noted that the All-Day School that is being developed in the Gymnasium is not a school in which we have additional courses. He explained that the afternoon function of the All-day High School is organized with activities in which the children not only participate, but also have a leading role.

"At the All-day High School we do not have classroom teaching but we have learning through work, with activities and tasks that the children themselves choose and lead with them and their teachers”, he continued.

Regarding the content, Mr. Prodromou said that emphasis is placed on the Greek language, adding that opportunities are given to use the language through research, as well as the possibility to expand the children's language education and acquire oral communication skills, through the use of language in an interdisciplinary approach and by engaging the children in tasks.

Regarding the dimension of the meeting of art with technology, the Minister noted that all activities are integrated through tasks, which are not simply followed but largely guided by the children themselves. He emphasized that this content is cultivated through alternative pedagogical methods, different from standard teaching, with the participation and initiative of the children and the undertaking of the tasks. the relationship between knowledge of different content through skills that children develop and of course acquire a more global approach.

In addition, he underlined that the All-Day High School is aimed “at children who want to develop their personality through wider knowledge, but which knowledge they learn first from’ all the same to search and evaluate”.

He added that the All-Day Gymnasium is addressed “also to parents, who want more and not less for their children”. Once the test phase of its operation is completed, it will then be possible to evaluate and make decisions on the degree to which it will be able to operate, concluded the Minister.  

Source: KYPE 

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