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On February 19 the elections for the metropolitan throne of Paphos

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Στις 19 Φεβρου αρΙου οι εκλογΕς για τον μητροπ&omicron λιτικθρνο Πàφου

The circular for the announcement of the elections in the Holy Metropolis of Paphos on Sunday, February 19, was issued today by the Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and all of Cyprus George, who is also the Custodian of the vacated Metropolitan Throne of Paphos. Ioannis Harilaou, Director of the Auditing Department of the Church of Cyprus, is designated as General Superintendent of the elections.

In the circular, the people are invited to elect, in accordance with the provisions of the Church's Charter, the person they consider most suitable to be nominated to the Holy Synod for the election of the new Metropolitan of Paphos.

According to the Statutory Charter of the Church, it is added to the circular, the election process, for the nomination of a new Metropolitan, includes two stages, the formation of three persons by universal suffrage and the election of the Metropolitan by the Holy Synod.

According to therefore, he continues, a universal secret ballot will be held on Sunday, February 19, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., after a one-hour break between the hours of 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

It is also pointed out that all Orthodox Christians over the age of  18 years old, residents of the Metropolitan Region of Paphos and those residing permanently, for at least one year, in the Metropolitan Region of Paphos, with the exception of refugees.

On this date, it is mentioned, clergy and people, coming to the polling stations that will be appointed shortly, they will vote for the person of their choice.

In addition, it is reported, for the convenience of the staff of the Holy Metropolis of Paphos, it was arranged that during the election a number of polling stations would operate, so that the electors could vote at the polling station closest to their place of residence.

Therefore. , it is noted, voter lists will be drawn up for each polling station. Also, the Electoral Committee of each polling center will be appointed by the Church of Cyprus. Also, as mentioned, each ballot will be white and will bear, for the purposes of the election, a special seal of the Holy  Session.

On the ballot, the voter will manually write the name of the High Priest elector of his preference, it is filled in.

If the voter is unable to express his will in writing, the  President  of the Electoral Commission is obliged, according to the circular, to write on the ballot the name indicated by the voter.

Then, after the counting of the votes at the polling stations is completed, the results of the voting will be sent to the Archdiocese.

Also, any voter may submit within three days to the Holy Synod objections regarding the electoral process.

Within five days of the expiry of the deadline for submitting objections, the circular continues, the Holy Synod will meet and decide definitively on’ of these, will proceed with the validation of the results and the formation of the triumvirate, from the three persons with the majority of votes.

In the event of a tie, a lottery will be held during the session of the Holy Synod, it is noted.

Within three days of the formation of the triumvirate, the Holy Synod will be convened for the election of the Metropolitan of Paphos.

The list of voters of each electoral center will be published by posting it in the holy temples of the parishes and communities of the Metropolitan Region. Paphos.

It is also added that anyone who has a legal interest is entitled to submit to the Guardian, within three days of the publication of the list, through the priest of his parish or Community, a written objection to the list. It is noted that the Observer examines the objections and renders a decision at the latest five days before the set date for the election of the three-person. of the State.

The Metropolitan throne of Paphos was vacated after the election on 24 December 2022 of the then Metropolitan of Paphos Georgios as Archbishop of Cyprus.

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