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On February 24 in the Plenary Session the Local Government

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On February 24 in the Plenary Session the Local Government

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The decision of the Parliamentary Committee on Interior, as proposed to the Speaker and the Directorate of the Parliament, that the bills concerning the reform of the Local Self-Government be put to a vote before the Plenary Session of the Parliament on February 24, with the request to the meeting of leaders. possibility of postponement as provided by the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament, announced the Chairman of the Committee Aristos Damianou.

The penultimate meeting of the Committee on Local Government Reform Bills ended today. As he stated after the end of the meeting, Mr. Damianou, “due to insufficient time to complete the process today, we have set the last meeting of the Commission for next Monday, when he will clarify at committee level the issue of scenarios around mergers and acquisitions “.

According to Mr. Damianou, during today's session “it was decided to propose to the President and the Management of the Parliament that the bills be put to a vote on Thursday, February 24, with the request to the meeting of leaders not to have the prospect or possibility of postponement as provided by the Rules of Procedure of the Parliament “.

Democratic Alarm MP Nikos Sykas stated in his own statements that, with the current data, “the assessment is that we can and may rely on a consensus, understanding, why not consensus”, emphasizing that “reform is an insurmountable social need ». Asked about his position on the number of municipalities and referendums, Mr. Sykas replied that, although DISY's position remains consistent with the provision of the 2020 bill for 17 municipalities, “I believe in consensus and I vaguely believe that it can “on the other hand, he underlined that” a referendum means the overthrow of the local self-government reform “.

On behalf of DIKO, Parliamentary Representative Panikos Leonidou made statements, who, after praising the atmosphere of understanding that prevailed during the session, pointed out that “we have not completed the effort. “Among the issues that are pending are the mergers, the referendum, the election of the deputy mayors, issues on which I am sure that there will be consensual solutions so that this reform can finally move forward.”

From the side of the Democratic Party, MP Marinos Mousiouttas focused on his statements on the “two thorny amendments for the mergers of municipalities and referendums”, expressing the view that “we proceeded within the framework we had set. The prevailing climate was quite good, the final outcome will be seen on the day of the Plenary “.

Finally, statements made on behalf of the Ecologists' Movement were made by MP Alexandra Attalidou, who stood by the submission of amendments to promote transparency, the transfer of responsibilities for recruitment to a new institution and representation in municipal councils, while adding that the Movement has submit an amendment for the creation of Akama municipality, consisting of Pegeia and some of the villages in the area, “which are directly related to the National Park and the Natura area, as we consider that we must give the tools to the local government to protect it the last area left “.

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