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On November 5, the bill for maternity leave is passed

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On November 5, the bill for maternity leave is passed


The bill for maternity leave will be put to a vote on Thursday, November 5, in the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

The amendments to the bill, which concern the increase of the paid maternity leave, were discussed today before the Labor Committee of the Parliament, in the presence of the Minister of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance Zeta Aimilianidou.

According to the new provisions of the bill, as they were analyzed by the competent Minister, the maternity leave for the second child is increased from 18 to 22 weeks and for the third child to 26 weeks.

It is noted that those women who have four or more children, the leave will remain at 26 weeks for each time.

As the Minister of Labor explained to the members of the Committee, the point of the bill is also amended, which will allow those women who are pregnant, surrogate mothers, but also those who adopt a child, this leave.

In addition, according to Ms. Aimilianidou, the specific bill will benefit all mothers who are currently pregnant, given that they are in the 17th to 18th week of pregnancy.

In statements after the meeting, the Minister of Labor stated that the bills submitted for the increase of the paid maternity leave were discussed in the competent Committee, “so as to increase the paid leave for the second child by 4 weeks and for the third and any additional child for an additional 8 weeks'.

“We have discussed the bill. It has been welcomed by both those present and the MPs and I have been informed today that it will be voted on next Thursday, so that mothers who are currently on maternity leave can also benefit from the increase of 4 weeks or 8 weeks, depending on the second or third or extra child, “he said.

Answering questions from MPs during the session, on whether there are ways to further support families in need, Ms. Aimilianidou said that her Ministry is working on plans for households.

He referred to the plan that is in its final stages and concerns the subsidization of food in kindergartens and nurseries, for vulnerable households.

He noted, however, that when the specific bill is ready, he will inform the competent Committee of the Parliament.

Source: www.philenews.com

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