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On the way to the hill – Averoff is anointed

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& nbsp & nbspΦρίξος Δαλίτης & nbsp; & nbsp;

The procedure at the Supreme Council of DISY next Saturday will not have any ceremonial character. Averof Neophytou will officially receive the anointing of the candidate, having at his side the alarm team to address a message of unity and a call for victory in the alarming world. With references to the founder and historical leader of the Democratic Alarm Glafkos Clerides, but also in the course of the party over time from 1976 until today, with important milestones the election of Glafkos Clerides first and later Nikos Anastasiadis in the Presidency of the Republic.

The candidacy of Averof Neophytos will come as a continuation of an effort to complete the reforms and deal with the difficult situations through the many years of experience of his political action. In this context, a film with the political course of Averof Neophytos that started from NEDISY, then was elected mayor of Polis Chrysochous, has been prepared and will be screened at the Supreme Council Meeting, which will take place at the “Eleftheria” Stadium, later moved to Parliament as a Member of Parliament. Paphos, was appointed Minister of Communications in the Government of Glafkos Clerides, took over as Vice President of DISY, was then elected Member of Parliament for Nicosia after taking over the presidency of the party and as a natural continuation of history receives the anointing of the candidate for President of the Republic.

The Supreme Court session will have special symbolism, calling on the alarmists to roll up their sleeves again for a new battle, closing their ears to whispers and actions aimed at dividing the Democratic Alarm and leading to a new 2003, bringing the party back to opposition.

Averof Neophytou himself goes on to build a presidential profile, highlighting his relations with important political figures. The visit of Israeli President Isaac Herzog to the house of DISY president – an action which was done out of protocol for the sake of their close personal relationship – was something that made a special impression and was even commented on in Israel. Two weeks ago, their close friendship was mentioned by EU Vice President Margaritis Schoinas, who was in Cyprus to sign a memorandum of cooperation on immigration. & Nbsp;

Also, his first action after submitting interest in the anointing of the DISY candidate, was his visit to Athens and his meeting with the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. The alarmist president's environment also highlights his close relationship with EPP group leader Manfred Weber and European Parliament President Roberta Metsola.

Nikos Anastasiadis, who will close the Summit of the Supreme Council with his speech.

To enter the Session space, you need to present a SafePass and use a protective mask.

According to the invitation, the Session Agenda is as follows: & nbsp;

1. Getting Started

2. Speech by the Vice President of DISY, Haris Georgiadis.

3. Ratification of the candidacy of the president of DISY Mr. Averof Neophytou for the presidential elections of 2023.

4. Speech by the candidate for President of the Republic Averof Neophytou.

5. Speech of SA President of the Republic of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis.

The Supreme Council is made up of about 1,800 people, including party leaders, MPs, ministers, mayors and councilors, commons and councilors, district and local committee chairmen, as well as other current and former elected and appointed members. DISY officials and executives. It is the most enlarged party body, it makes the decisions for the presidential elections over time. From Glafkos Clerides, to Nikos Anastasiadis. Next Saturday is expected to do the same for Averof Neophytou. It is recalled that the president of DISY had addressed a public appeal to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Christodoulidis, to participate in the process with all the members of DISY voting for who wants to receive the anointing of the President, with the winner taking the presidency party. A proposal, which, as stated by both the president of DISY and the rest of the party leadership, was aimed at preserving the unity of the Party, with Nikos Christodoulidis, however, not accepting it.

Yesterday, the president of DISY had a meeting with the president of DIPA, Mario Karoyan, with whom they discussed various current issues, including the presidential elections. The meeting took place at the offices of DIPA with the two political leaders expressing their support for the Ukrainian people.

“There is no other country in the world that fully understands what is happening in Ukraine today, identical to what we experienced in 1974,” he said. an independent and sovereign state, separating -as he said- “the decisions of the leadership from the Russian people, which was and remains friendly to Cyprus”. & nbsp;

Averof Neophytou thanked the Democratic Party and all parties, because they sent a positive message to society working together to vote for the reform of Local Government. & Nbsp;

For 2023, he said, the dialogue will continue on in the coming weeks, possibly months. He developed, added, the positions of DISY and listened to those of DIPA, as he announced them at the party congress. & nbsp;

The president of DIPA described the meeting as very constructive, talking about the geopolitical, economic and other consequences that the war will have in Ukraine, in Cyprus, in Europe and around the world. They exchanged views, he added, on the need for reforms, saying that citizens need reforms with content that will be in line with modern data.

Society and citizens have demands from the political and party system, continued Marios Karoyan. “We feel we need to get the message across, but not just on a theoretical level. “To translate the real concerns of the people into real policies,” he said.

positions of his party and that with all that the country is going through “a government of national unity, widely accepted, would be a government that would send the right messages both in terms of the substance of the issues and in terms of its message hope that the citizen should have “.

Source: www.philenews.com

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