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On Tuesday, Lt sees Pr. Anastasiadis – “Lost case” say the Turkish Cypriots

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On Tuesday, Lt sees Pr. Anastasiadis -

In anticipation of the new descent to the island of the UN Secretary-General's special envoy for the Cyprus issue, Jane Hall Lut, on June 21, for the first time since the Informal Pentagon in Geneva, it is a fact that neither side is optimistic. In recent days, President Anastasiadis wanted to re-establish the boundaries of the Greek Cypriot side, declaring with meaning that he would not accept “Cyprus becoming a protectorate of Turkey”, while stressing that any solution must be in line with the Council resolutions. Security, as well as with the EU authorities. The leader of the Greek Cypriot side will meet with Ms. Lut next Tuesday, June 22 at 09:30 in the morning.

The Turkish Cypriots do not trust him

On the Turkish Cypriot side, there is disappointment due to the attitude of the Turkish Cypriot leader, Ersin Tatar, but also due to the attitude of the Greek Cypriot side both after the sinking of Crans Montana and today, in relation to the attitude of Mr. Anastasiadis in issue of political equality. A Turkish source from the RTK environment told politis.com.cy that the Tatar stance is anything but a surprise. However, he added, “we are more disappointed with your leader, who has contributed to the stagnation of recent years, but also, by his behavior, seems to systematically despise the Turkish Cypriots and the solution forces on both sides.” One can say that what happened – happened in Crans Montana, he noted, but the issue is that to this day it does not seem to recognize the needs of our side, especially in terms of political equality, something that has been agreed. “It is inconceivable that he should ask for the issue to be reopened,” he added.

Low expectations at the UN as well

However, there is no particular optimism in the United Nations either – more than one was wrecked at the Geneva conference. Ersin Tatar insists on the position of sovereign equality, arguing that the Turkish side was the one that said “yes” to both the Annan and Crans Montana plans in 2004, while on the other hand, the attitude of our side regarding the with political equality. Ms Lut comes to the island after visiting the guarantor forces, contrary to her tactics so far, where she first saw the leaders of the two communities and then Britain, Greece and Turkey.

Meanwhile, recently, Tayyip Erdogan has been trying to turn to the West through his statements. It is noted that during his recent meeting with the US President, but also with European Leaders, it was clarified to him that no one in the international community will accept a two-state solution in Cyprus. However, a source quoted by KYPE said that the UN Secretary General is not obliged to convene a new informal 5 + 1 press conference on the Cyprus issue and that Ms. Lut will not suggest to Mr. Guterres the holding of a new informal conference outside and if he sees that there is common ground. “On which to build. “And at the moment there is no common ground,” the source added.

Source: politis.com.cy

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