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On Tuesday, the KEE will take the order to form a “government”

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The new “deputies” will be sworn in in the occupied territories next Monday, and the next day, Tuesday, February 8, Ersin Tatar will give the order to form a “government” to the president of the KEE, Faiz Suzuoglu, as the Turkish leader himself stated.

Speaking today on a Bayrak show, Tatar said that the fact that he was ill with Covid 19 would not affect the processes for the formation of a “government” and, if necessary, he would hand over the formation order to Mr. Suzuoglu by letter, noting that contacts for cooperation should last as soon as possible, and a “government” should be formed in accordance with the expectations and messages of the “people”, as seen in the “elections”.

Saying that the RTK considers itself as an opposition, Ersin Tatar said that processes should be done to find another formula for cooperation that will allow the numerical operation of the “government” in the “parliament”. He added that the economic protocol with Turkey for 2022 should be prepared immediately. He also spoke about legal arrangements that should be made and passed by the “committees” of the “parliament” with the support of at least two parties.

According to the GTP, in his statements yesterday, the president of KEE reiterated that his wish is the formation of a “government” with 30 or 42 “deputies” and that if he does not succeed, he will submit the “mandate” that will be given to him. Re-going to the polls is the last resort, he said, and commenting on the RTK president who said they had been given the task of opposition, he said: “There is no such thing. “Did you run in the elections to stay in the opposition?”

Reiterating that the problems of the “country” could be better solved with 42 “deputies” [24 of the KEE and 18 of the RTK], Mr. Soutzouoglou spoke about statements of some “dinosaurs”, as he characterized them, that they feel sorry for him. “Do not watch from the outside. Come, put your hand in the fire. Let's do it together. “Together we are stronger.”

What can we not share, he wondered. “The Cyprus issue is not a matter of priority. We worked for 50 years and what happened? It makes absolutely no sense to pre-empt the Cyprus issue yet. He is in the fridge now. When will it be solved? Only God knows. The other side will never have the will. That fact must be taken into account. “

Mr. Suzuoglu said that in case they reach an agreement with the parties DK and KL they will get from a “ministry” and added that both the people and the candidates themselves are tired of the “elections” or their finances. pseudo-states raise a new electoral contest.

KL President Kutret Ozersay said a bipartisan “governing coalition” would be “much more harmonious and stable”. In a written statement issued yesterday, Ozersay said that they will attend negotiations within the framework determined by his party and if they agree they can join the “government” because they want to serve the “people”.

In case a “government” of KEE and RTK is formed, he said, the KL will support it and will exercise “constructive opposition”. He said it was possible to form such a “government” once the two parties were in contact, but only their leaders knew whether such co-operation could be achieved.

In statements today, the president of the DC, Fikti Aataoglou said that they do not care about the number of “ministries”, but they are interested in the future of the place and in this sense they are ready to take the responsibility that belongs to them. “While these are the conditions, it seems strange to us to talk about re-elections.”

The “people”, he continued, made them a third party in such a critical period and in these economic, social conditions they are ready to “put our hand under the stone”. Mr. Ataoglou said that no formal meetings have been started to form a “government”, but that the “mediators” are coming and going.


Source: www.philenews.com

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