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Online fraud – They extorted 60 thousand euros from a 65-year-old

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Online fraud - They extorted 60 thousand euros from a 65-year-old

A case of internet fraud and money laundering with false representations is being investigated by the Police, following a relevant complaint by a 65-year-old resident of Limassol.

According to the complainant, on 13 July 2021 he proceeded to the payment of € 60,000 as an advance payment for the purchase of a house in a village in the province of Limassol. The payment was made with two bank transfers, from the bank account of the 65-year-old, to a specific bank account, which was indicated to him, in a bank of a foreign country, where the owner of the house also resides.

On July 23, the 65-year-old was informed by the owner's lawyer that the money had not been received. Subsequent examinations revealed that there may have been interference with the exchange of e-mails between the lawyer and the homeowner. As a result, the lawyer allegedly received an e-mail from an e-mail similar to that of his client, requesting that the transfers be made to a specific account, which apparently did not belong to the homeowner.

The case is being investigated by the Financial Crime Investigation Office of TAE Limassol.

On the occasion of this case, the Police reminds once again that we should always be careful and suspicious of any transactions we make online.

This form of fraud is a common phenomenon, with the perpetrators mainly affect companies that deal with other companies, which are mostly abroad, but also individuals.

To avoid falling victim to this scam, we must always be careful and observant. In cases of sending a bank account number via e-mail, this number must always be verified, by telephone with the person directly concerned. The communication with the interested party should be done through the contact data that we have, from our previous communication.

In the case of companies, it is good for staff to be well informed about both this form of fraud and how to avoid it. A specific procedure for verifying payment requests should also apply.

More tips on how to protect yourself from this form of fraud can be found at http://www.cypruspolicenews.com/ArticleSideGallery/ArticleID=13030

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Source: politis.com.cy

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