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Online platform opens for 2024 ESSO recruits-All details

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Ανολγει η ηλε&kappa ;τρονικor πλατφoρμα για τους νεο σyλλεκτους της 2024 ΕΣΣΟ-Ελες οι λεπ τομeρειες

The Ministry of Defense announces that from April 15, at 12:00, the platform for electronic submission of declarations for selection of conscripts of the 2024 ESSO will be put into operation.

  1. The platform will remain operational until 12:00 on May 2, 2024 and declarations will be submitted through the Government Portal https://www.gov.cy. Access to the Government Portal requires only the creation of a profile and not its identification.
  2. The 2024 ESSO conscripts are invited to submit the statement of information as well as the relevant supporting documents required, in order to register their desire, for the implementation of the selection and allocation process, to the Branches, Arms and Corps of the National Guard, their placement in Units, as well as the selection of Reserve Officer Candidates (Reserve Officers) and National Guardsmen who will be selected to serve in the Special Forces (Paratroopers, Army, Military Forces), in the Clubs – KAAV – STE, in Technical Specialties and in the Military Music of the National Guard (SMEF).
  3. For the timely and better preparation of the conscripts and for their own convenience and benefit, they are invited to secure in advance the following supporting documents in electronic form, so that when the process begins they are ready for their registration. Each attached supporting document should have a maximum size of 500KB/0.5MB and in no case should the total of attached supporting documents exceed 10MB in size.

Mandatory documents:

Identity card (Front and back)

Optional supporting documents:

a. Certificates in case it belongs to one or more scoring categories. Click HERE for Scoring categories.

b. Bank account confirmation (IVAN). The account must be in the name of the conscript. A bank account for a minor is created by the banking institutions if the conscript presents the note of invitation for enlistment. In the event that the bank account details are not submitted to the electronic platform, they should be submitted on the day of their presentation for health examination and provision of the materials and items of clothing and footwear that takes place before the classification.

c. Normal driving license.

d. In the event that a desire to claim a position in Technical Specialties, Clubs – KAAV – STE is declared, a corresponding certificate of qualifications from the respective secondary school must be submitted. Click HERE for more information.

e. Certificate of vaccination status and blood group. In the event that it is not submitted on the electronic platform, it should be submitted on the day of their presentation for health examination and distribution of the materials and items of clothing and footwear that takes place before the classification.

  1. Those conscripts who do not proceed to submit the declaration of information within the specified deadline, will not have the right to claim a position for Candidate Reserve Officers, Special Forces, Clubs – KAAV – STE or Technical Specialties and will be placed in Units based solely on the service needs of the National Guard .
  2. Those who submit the declaration of information, through the electronic platform, will receive as evidence a copy of the Declaration in their e-mail, in which the random lottery number will be printed based on a special algorithm from the computerized system. In addition, the Classification Invitation Note will also be sent to their e-mail, which will also include information about the health examination and distribution of clothing and footwear materials and items that takes place before the classification.
  3. Conscripts are advised to be aware that the information submitted through the platform regarding the scoring categories, selection wishes and preference guard of the conscripts can be modified upon request of the conscript submitted by him to the Directorate Selection and Transfers of the General Staff, via e-mail [email protected], no later than two (2) days from the end of the operation of the platform. In any case, the change can only be made once (1) for each conscript.
  4. It is noted that the classification of conscripts will take place from July 8 to 12, 2024 .
  5. For more information you will find on the website of the Ministry of Defense www.mod.gov.cy, selecting the category “CLASSIFICATION 2024 ESSO”.

Source: reporter.com.cy

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